Priority and Material

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“You can buy a house but not a home.  You can buy a clock but not time.  You can buy a bed but not sleep.  You can buy food but not appetite.  You can buy a doctor but not good health.  You can have insurance but not safety.  This is the problem we all have.  There are things you can not buy with material wealth,” via wealth.  This is a timely follow up to yesterday’s piece.  On the path to healing we have to look at our habits and what we do to create safety.  We are all seeking safety on some level, it is the most primal instinct we have.  Whether we ignore what is happening around us, or we drink it away, or we argue it away, or shop it away, we all look for ways to feel better.  I’m guilty of thinking I’m creating safety through more and more material things.  But as we heal, we see that this material pursuit is only creating the illusion of safety.  So are the rest of the mechanisms we put in place to feel better.

This is all learned behavior and we can’t blame those who came before us because they were learning and expressing safety the best way they knew how.  It’s terrifying for us to come behind that and think we can change that behavior in ourselves because we question our ability.  That, too, is learned.  When we hold ourselves back from the idea we are protecting our physical/mental/emotional body, we disconnect from what they can really do.  We learn that from those around us—parents, other family, friends, school, work.  Our whole lives are spent with some sort of limitation put on us thinking it is keeping us safe.  Fleas have a huge vertical leap but if you place them in a jar for several days, they will never again jump higher than the lid.  What’s more is their offspring will never jump higher than their parents.  It is the same for us: we only go as high as we are taught and we can only be taught what other people know.  In order to learn, we have to experience our own journey.

The question then becomes not reconciling what we were taught, but what imaginary jars are we still living in? It’s an awakening, a stripping away of what we see as safety around us or what we see as necessary.  It’s a getting in touch with who we are to become who we are meant to be.  When we learn to prioritize what is on our path, what our purpose is, we look at the world a bit differently. Suddenly we aren’t looking for anything external to fulfill us because we understand that anything we have materially can be taken away. That rush we were looking for or that calmness we are looking for or whatever thing we thought we needed is either no longer necessary or it comes from within.  The real peace comes from being who we are meant to be. 

Remember in finding that peace that healing is cyclical. Things we thought we were over we see we stepped over like some sort of obstacle and now we see it again, larger than before and now we have to either go the other direction or we have to go around it in another way.  Some things we will see we can simply drop and leave behind.  Others we see were never meant for us.  Others we see we have to simply allow.  One day we realize we were not born with fear about the things we fear and they slowly start to lessen their hold on us.  Slowly the reality of who we are takes over and we see ourselves for who we are meant to be.  Then we are that person, not the façade of someone we were told to be.  There is no animosity or anger any longer, there is simply a coming to, an awakening and we arrive where we are meant to be: who we are.     

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