Rabbit Medicine

Photo by Petar Staru010deviu0107 on Pexels.com

I mentioned earlier in the week that we brought home a rabbit and I need to elaborate on the significance of that for me.  First of all, I’ve always loved rabbits.  I’m a total geek for the cute little fuzzies and I’ve had small rodents my entire life (guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas).  One of my sisters had a rabbit when I was a kid and I always wanted one of my own.  My husband and I actually were looking for a bunny after we got married when we ended up rescuing chinchillas so we never had a rabbit in the house.  Second, when I was roughly 10 years old, I was spending time with my oldest sister and she drew my Medicine Cards for me and a rabbit is part of my totem.  At 10, I had a connection with the animal but I didn’t understand the significance of the positioning in this totem.  Now that so many years have passed, I know that this medicine is absolutely part of who I am. Third, this bunny in particular was absolutely meant to be in our lives.  In my gratitude post, I mentioned we had seen him a while back and I’m talking like six months back.  He was still there.  I feel terrible I didn’t take him then.

The universe has ways of connecting us to the medicine we need and it has ways of connecting us to the parts of who we are that need healing or that we simply need reminding ARE a part of us.  The day before we brought the rabbit home, I had been at my sister’s house and they also have a bunny.  During that visit (for my niece’s birthday celebration), I found myself overwhelmed.  My sister had been upstairs with the kids and right as I was getting really uncomfortable she came down and said the rabbit got under her dresser and she couldn’t get him (her dresser is in his little running area—he can’t get hurt and he wasn’t totally loose).  I went upstairs alone and went into the room.  He was out from under the dresser by the time I got in there but he didn’t run from me.  I walked in his pen and picked him up.  He had been running from the littles and was still nervous when my sister was there, but as I sat alone with the bunny, he completely relaxed in my arms. And so did I. 

I connected with this animal and felt his breathing and heart rate slow as I pet him and comforted him as best I could.  He comforted me as well.  The tension I felt a few minutes earlier evaporated as I connected with this bunny.  My breathing and heart rate slowed as well and we just chilled there for a while.  I realized that the tension I was feeling was brought on by myself.  I didn’t share that story with anyone.  But the very next day, my husband drove out to the animal place we know and we found this rabbit still there.  He was totally meant to be with me.  Normally I have huge anxiety when it comes to bringing in animals to my house—and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go back and forth about the bunny (it took us over two hours to decide if we were going to bring him home)—but once the decision was made, I felt zero anxiety or nerves.  We welcomed this big guy in and he will be safe with us.  Just as I created my own safety, he reminds me that fearful things/creatures can be brave as well.  He is my medicine. 

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