The Howl

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 I have a really short note about something I saw the other day.  I watched a movie recently with a highly organized, slightly uptight, single woman went on a trip and she had a moment of joy so pure she started howling with excitement.  She took a chance on something she thought was really risky and dangerous and ended up feeling release and joy in what she was doing.  It was guttural and uncontrollable—a moment of complete connection to where she was at and feeling alive doing something unexpected and new.  The howl is a connection to our completeness of who we are.  it is being entirely alive in the moment, the adrenaline running and the absolute clarity of presence.  When I saw the scene, I immediately wanted that feeling.  Similar to “finding your golf,” I want to find that level of clarity and aliveness.

The howl represented a release of everything she thought she had to control.  I want that level of awakening.  In the end, she still didn’t get what she thought she needed, she got what she actually needed.  Things don’t always go according to plan.  They don’t always turn out how we think they should.  But if we can awaken and allow the presence of the moment to flow through us, we can find that connection to what we need and things will actually be how they are meant to be.  So in addition to finding that thing that brings joy, I also want to find that thing that makes me come alive.  We all need that thing that makes us come alive.  That makes us howl.

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