Lucky Right Now

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This world is a beautiful, complicated, mess.  We are fortunate at this stage in the game to have millennia of recorded history and data about what those before us did and how they did it.  We are fortunate to have advanced as much as we have technologically and to have that technology as available as it is.  I don’t think we appreciate where we are enough and that is partially because we don’t look at where we come from.  We don’t take the time to actually learn the lesson—that’s why so often history repeats itself. 

I’ve spoken many times about our evolution and how we are responsible for our own evolution at some point.  For me, that involves a deep understanding on where I’m at and the steps it took for me to get here both personally (individually) and collectively (as a society).  I don’t take the opportunities we have for granted, but I do resent how we still instill an elitism about who those opportunities are for.  This life isn’t selective about what is available to whom—man does that.  Man created the boundaries about who gets to experience what facets of life and who has access to it.  We have a gift to be where we are now and a responsibility to share that with as many people as possible.

The more people we invite into the experience, the more perspectives we have to improve and learn.  We have to take the time to learn because until we do, in spite of how “advanced” we may get, we will be repeating the same story, just wearing different clothes and shoes.   Aside from the overall societal impact, I want to go back to the personal impact.  They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we need to go back to what we are responsible for: ourselves. 

Instilling appreciation in everything we do and taking the experience for what it is and how we apply it is key.  If we are able to appreciate the mess in life, we can learn to shape it.  We can learn to connect with the powers that be, our source, to find our purpose.  There is no fear in sharing, no fear in running out, no fear in being the best when we fulfill our purpose because we are doing what we are naturally called to do.  We are on a mission to share those parts of who we are with everyone so they share themselves as well.  There is value in the collective—but it starts with the individual.  And to find those pieces of us, THAT starts with appreciation and love of who we are.  There are no rules that say we have to be a certain way to be valued.  That, too, is the work of man.  Let’s shatter that paradigm and rebel into exactly who we are.  THAT is beauty and that is life.  Appreciation invites more in and that includes more life as well.  I mentioned in the last piece that the goal is to let more life in and appreciation is the key to unlock the door. 

We are SO lucky to be in a shifting time because we get to rewrite this, redirect the ship to where it’s going.  There have been some terrible times on this globe and I look forward to when the lesson is learned and we really question why we are repeating thousands of years of history instead of writing a new story.  I know people did their best at the time but that is a poor excuse to continue the behavior in this day and age.  When you know better, do better.  I know there may always be conflict about what “better” is but if we are progressing to a point where we can allow life to happen as it’s meant to and to give space for everyone to have their experience of life, I’m here for it.  Look for the light.  Look for the good.  Be that light if necessary and let’s take the opportunities we are given.  We have an amazing shot here—we are holding the pen.

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