What Is Better Than This?

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

“Everything is better than zero,” Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary said this quote in response to a question about events he attended/spoke at.  He was referencing the elitism of some people to pick and choose what they say yes to, especially when they are first starting out.  Sometimes they think they are too good or they worry that saying yes to something will give a certain impression and will impact their chances moving forward.  But I think there is some real wisdom in the concept that can apply to life.  So often we operate like we have to be top notch, top gear, the absolute peak all the time in order to be deemed worthy.  We also act like the event has to be the pinnacle to be worthy—maybe not so much all the time.  I partially understand because we have a limited time here and it IS important to be selective how we spend it.  But if the event/person/whatever it is is aligned with your values, it doesn’t matter, you need the experience.

This is also important because we have to allow ourselves to be beginners.  We don’t come into this world at our peak.  We learn and grow through our experiences and anything we do serves our growth whether it is teaching us what we do or do not want.  All of that helps align us with our purpose.  We have to learn to say yes to life based on what is best for us and not what other people will think.  We have to say yes to life based on what feels good.  The more aligned we are with what feels good and what makes sense to US at the time, the better in tune we are with who we are—and that leads us to our purpose.  Not everything makes sense in this world and I know there are some things that will be super awkward—do them anyway.

This isn’t to say we need to become “Yes People.”  At least not fully.  But the truth is we don’t know what fits for us until we say yes to it at least once.  Of course we need to use discretion and know what aligns with the goal and if there is ever something that simply doesn’t sit with you, or if it’s dangerous or hurting others, of course say no.  There is a middle ground where we can say yes to life within our limits and as those limits expand, we open up to a whole new level.  That is the key: being open to life.  Everything is better than zero.  Experiencing life rather than sitting on the couch observing life are two very different things.  Life isn’t a passive activity.  No, we don’t always like what we got or what we have to do but I guarantee going through that experience still teaches something.

So say yes more, and more importantly, just be more open.  There are 8 billion people on this planet and infinitely more galaxies out there.  We aren’t the only ones out there my friends.  We don’t have it all figured out and in the entirety of the universe, no one gives a damn what you “look” like.  That’s all ego.  Who cares.  Be wild.  Be loud.  Share everything.  This is a trip we only get to take once and we get to decide if this is how we want to do it.  I know it’s easy to get caught up in the minutia, I do it all the time.  I mean, I wrote a piece about joining just a few weeks ago.  But even that experience showed me the value in putting aside the ego and trying to connect.  The point is to know who you are and we figure that out through allowing life in.  That is literally the definition of live and learn.  Push the comfort zone but be aligned with who you are because, in this life, zero is dead—and while you are here, anything is better than living like you’re already gone.  Take advantage of the experience while you still can.

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