A Young Man And A Child

Photo by Vinu00edcius Vieira ft on Pexels.com

We went to a party the other day and our five year old came with us.  During the course of the party, he made friends with one of the neighbor’s sons.  He’s in college (I think around 20 years old) and this young man is one of the most solid people I have met.  I know I wasn’t like that at 20.  Assured, confident, open, honest, and unafraid to simply just be myself.  If I had been that way at that time, I know the course of my life would be different—we wouldn’t be talking about self-discovery now.  Regardless, this young man literally took the time to take care of my son.  He played with him, he got him food, and he started teaching him some magic.  That, ironically is where the magic really begins with this story.

I saw my boy watching this young man teach the magic tricks.  My son was having fun with him earlier, but watching these events, my son was completely enthralled.  My son believed he was magic by the end of that interaction.  I witnessed the forming of a relationship in front of my eyes and I saw my son get excited about something he learned to do in the span of 30 minutes.  And I also saw the capacity of the younger generation to change the world.  See, I always thought that was our job.  I thought we were going to be the ones to make everything better.  But I see the way this group of kids move and I am beyond impressed.  They operate differently than we did.  They see things differently than we did. 

The world needs that vision.  Somehow, as messed up as they may be, as self-serving as some of them are, as unmotivated as some of them are, that can be said for EVERY generation.  But there are these bright lights and I see them spreading and expanding.  They understand kindness in a different way than we did.  For as attention focused as they are, they don’t seem to care about what they look like in regards to doing things that are “uncool.”  They live their lives and have fun and they do think globally.  Some of the other young adults there had understanding of books and things that I completely glossed over.  My life was a series of veiled collections, trying both to appear a certain way and to have the ability to do everything.  As I witness these things and see the difference between authentic incorporation of who they are, I reinforce my work in the value of being.  Not just doing something to seem a certain way but because we are a certain way. 

That is also how we protect our energy.  We can’t foster resentment doing something we love to do because it is who we are.  We simply act as we are instead of acting.  How refreshing is that to strip away the layers and facades we had to create in order to seem like something we are not.  The universe works in funny ways and sends us the reminders we need and the people we need to be who we are.  Those who are meant to be with us will always find us.  Those who are not will surely fall away somehow.  The key is to find that authentic grounding as soon as possible and to operate from there.  That is how we change the world, one light at a time.

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