Real Abundance

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Just a short note about a timely reminder I received about abundance.  Abundance is everywhere. Abundance is the inflow of life and the laughter and the togetherness and the love we share.  It is the creation of life as well as the experience of it. For years I looked at abundance as a financial thing.  A means to create more means and have the things that make us comfortable. But I am ever grateful for the understanding that abundance doesn’t mean the ability to buy things—it means the abundance of life we allow in and the experiences we are graced to have.

I was raised to do it on my own.  It was partially a trauma response from an inability to effectively communicate my needs to people and to communicate my goals.  It was also a response to being left alone early in life—not that I was abandoned or anything, just that my siblings left when I was young and I experienced a lot of life on my own or with my parents.  I tried to keep up and create an image I thought would be accepted by others instead of learning how to accept myself.  I thought I had an image to uphold and that everyone behaved that way. 

I see how stifled life was for me based on an unclear understanding of what life was.  I sometimes fear my child will have the same experience because he is an only child and my misinterpretation of life happened because I was almost raised alone.  Well, I was mainly alone through the really hard parts.  I learned to self-soothe and to grow up faster than needed instead of being a kid and having fun.  As I am learning more about life as it really is, I think the candid view of what allowing life in makes all the difference.  Life is everywhere.  Life is meant to be lived and loved and relished.  That is an abundant life.  Our goal becomes how much life we can fit in our days rather than how many ways can we spend money.  It’s a lovely transition.  All you have to do is let real life in.  Allow.

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