What Day Is It?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We just talked about the difference between owning and embracing our lives.  The difference between taking responsibility and moving things forward and accepting things as they are.  As I was scrolling through Social Media for inspiration, I came across The Rock talking about the difference between one day and day one.  Those things that call us and pull us, the ideas that we have that always seem to swirl in our minds, we have to question: are we going to continue to wait for one day to see it through, or is it day one when we start taking action?  We can choose to sit and wait for our lives to happen to us or we can actively participate and make something happen.  We can do what we say we are going to do and we can start seeing the results of our dreams.  The choice is always ours.

In every action we take (or do not take) there is a choice.  I think about how long I sat on ideas, waiting for things to fall into place, I think of how many ideas I’m still sitting on.  It’s al fear, mainly the fear of failure.  I don’t want to put in all the effort on something and still have it go belly up.  It’s also a little bit about maintaining the “success” if there is a win.  What does life look like after you get what you want?  Now you don’t want it to go away, or now you’re completely out of your comfort zone because this new way is the way it is.  For some it’s the fear of judgement, or the fear of losing what they know.  Regardless, every time we say yes or no to something, that is a choice.  I know we are still fresh in the New Year, but I’m not talking about a new year, new you thing.  I’m talking about when you finally decide to turn the page.  It just so happens to coincide with the new year.

For me, I’m aware that I still have some stuff that is one day.  For certain circumstances, that’s how it has to be and I’m ok with it.  For others, I’m beyond ready, and I feel the call of the teacher in me, the friend in me, the breakthrough waiting to be unleashed.  Those are the moments I’m at Day One.  It might be day one at a time, but it’s still day one.  I never gave my boldness enough credit because I found myself looking for support that I never received and I usually ended up letting things fizzle because I got afraid and wouldn’t move forward.  Now, with several more decades under my belt, I know the difference and I’m ready to put things into action.  I’m ready to give up what I knew for the chance that something really amazing can come through.  So, what day are you?

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