The Long Way Around

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Jay Shetty shared in is Daily Jay the other day the concept of taking another way around.  He talked about not lining up at the front, but finding another route if necessary such as the road/path less taken.  I love that this followed the idea about viewing problems from yesterday.  We need to know what we are actually solving for and we also need the flexibility to get to the answer we need.  Sometimes that answer isn’t what we think it is.  Sometimes it’s exactly what we think it is but it’s going to take smaller bites to get there.  There are little quests on the way to the grand quest.  Think about every adventure story we love, every fantasy, every science-fiction.  They all have a quest and it takes a lot to get there.  We LOVE that.  So let’s approach our lives the same way.  It’s a quest.

Quests always start at the beginning, but the beginning isn’t always where the story starts.  Sometimes we meet in the middle because that’s where the adventure begins.  Or we have to pivot and the story takes us somewhere else.  The point is to get the vision right and then find the ways to get there.  We are capable of so many things, we have great capacity to do things in many different ways.  Sometimes the most direct route ends up being a disaster.  Sometimes we are meant to take a few detours to learn a new lesson or develop a new skill.  How do we want to approach the adventure of life?  Think about how boring it would be without any sub plots or twists.  Think about walking into the end perfectly preserved, not knowing any of the richness around us.  While we may have survived, that isn’t living. 

As we embark on a new year, let’s look at where we are starting our adventure.  If things haven’t worked out so far, or if they haven’t worked out how we thought they would, then perhaps it’s time to try something new.  To hear the calling of our intuition to take a step on that less trodden path.  We receive those callings for a reason.  They are messages and they are guides.  Just because something didn’t work out on the straightforward path or in the way you thought it would doesn’t mean it isn’t turning into exactly what it’s supposed to be.  Take the shot in the dark and go on that quest.  We may arrive messy, we may arrive a bit scratched, but we will have tasted everything on that journey, and we will know who we are.  That’s a story told from taking the other way around, that’s a story told from the essence of who we are.  How exciting is that?

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