Discipline and Destiny

Photo by Victoria Akvarel on Pexels.com

I want to guide us to a very specific place by the end of this year:  Back to ourselves.  I want us to remember our given power to take control of our lives.  I’m not talking about controlling the details or forcing an outcome.  I am talking about getting closer to who we are and making the decisions as to whether or not that fits with who we want to be and where we want to go.  I’m talking about enforcing the means to get what we want.  I took a really gentle approach with myself for a long time as I started this journey.  I only wanted the pieces that felt good because that would be both comfortable and still make me feel like I’d moved forward.  But that wasn’t true growth. Yes, there was progress, yes I learned about different capabilities, but it wasn’t getting me closer to the big vision of what I wanted in my life. 

The universe works in amazing ways and I came across a piece discussing this work by Ryan Holiday, “Discipline is Destiny” just as I read Ashmi and heard Rob from earlier this week.  Holiday focuses on work by the stoics and this is how he broke down the focus people need to get to where they want to go. All of this lines up to one thing: we are in control of how we react and where we are intending to go.  We are responsible for knowing ourselves and our purpose and taking the action required to get there.  Yes, it’s always a choice so if you are choosing to not move toward your destiny, then you are choosing to stay where you’re at.  That’s fine as long as it’s a conscious choice.

Our society pushes so much self-improvement and high-powered, self-centered, unrealistic goals at this time of year because we think we can entirely shed the core of who we are overnight.  Like that clock strikes midnight and we shed the skin and become someone new.  That isn’t how it works.  Of course there are moments of epiphany and breakthrough that change how we think, but establishing the habits that create the mindset we need to move forward is a different story.  That isn’t flipping a switch. Again, understanding what we need to do may happen in a flash, but actually doing it is a different story.  So, if we want to elevate our mindset, we need to let ourselves shine, and that means allowing the fullest expression of who we are out at all times. Align with who you are meant to be and decide based on that person, on that purpose.  Your life has the capacity to flow in ways you never expected. 

These changes aren’t about a specific time of the year, we can do this at any time.  This is just the reminder to take in what works for you and to shut out the noise.  Ignore the pressure of resolving to do anything and do the work of becoming.  Life is propelled by focus and clarity and that means shutting out the things that don’t align with where you’re going.  I’m not saying drop every single thing that doesn’t fit in your life, but I am saying choose your actions consciously based on who you’re meant to be, your authentic self.  The first step to that is to listen to what that voice is telling you.  Hear it again.  Allow that to shine.

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