Fitting In

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Just a short note on our place in the world.  Right before I heard Rob speak about the levels of mindset we discussed yesterday, I read a piece by Ashmi Path.  She said, “You are not here to fit in this world.  Shine with your full strength.”  I had planned on using the quote regardless because I’ve been making a ton of personal progress I wanted to share.  When Rob’s piece came after that, I knew the two were aligned because in order to elevate the mindset, you have to appreciate and allow yourself to be fully who you are.  We are trained to fit in from the day we are born.  It makes us seem safe to others and we feel safe if we are accepted by others.  But what happens when we have a different idea, a different feeling of where we are supposed to go? 

Taking the path alone and allowing our light to shine can be daunting because it isn’t natural for most of us.  But if we want to take the next steps and become who we are meant to be, then it takes stepping out of what we know.  Ashmi’s gentle reminder is that we innately know who we are and what we are meant to do and in order to do that, we have to fully embrace that and allow who we are to shine outside of the confines we inflict on ourselves.  Company that with Rob’s concept of levels of mindset and it makes sense.  To get to the next level, we need to break out of who we tell ourselves to be.

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