Bringing Wonder

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In the work of self-growth, self-love, self-compassion, we learn about ourselves and how to bring forward the best parts of us.  We don’t ignore the darker parts, or the things we consider flaws, but we emphasize the strengths.  Part of our conversation the other day was about developing awareness for what we will and will not accept in our lives.  There’s a reason we are looking up the meaning of words like gaslighting more and more frequently.  We know we deserve more and we know when we are being treated poorly.  We know when we treat ourselves poorly as well.  It’s easier to point fingers than accept what we do to ourselves, but we need to take responsibility for what we allowed in our lives, including our own thoughts. 

The other morning I was commuting to my 9-5 and really getting on a roll about how much I hate traffic and how people are stupid etc., etc.  Something stopped me in my running inner tirade and asked, “What if you just saw the wonder of the moment?  What if you just saw this for what it is?  I wonder what would happen if you just let it be.”  I have no idea where that came from.  I’m glad that voice spoke, however, because as soon as the question was there, I realized what I had been doing to myself.  I’d been making myself miserable every day.  I can’t change the commute or the time I leave, but I can change where I’m at mentally with it.  The truth is I get to see the sun every morning.  I get to drive over rivers and through fields, and see the hawks, and the light.  Those are some pretty powerful things to experience. 

As the universe does, I happened to be going to a work conference the next day.  The conference was called, “Leading hArtfully”  and it was about leadership with heart.  It specifically addressed how to work with people by bringing out the best in them and bringing your best to the table.  The author and speaker talked about this experience of wonder and keeping eyes open to the every day miracles we experience.  Now, what caught my attention was the phrasing of the voice I had heard the day before.  It literally used the word “wonder” in a context I don’t normally use.  I use “awe” or “synchronicity” or “power,” but I seldom use wonder. That in itself is a synchronicity and a gift.  There is always something good in every situation as long as we turn our attention to it.  We need to train our eyes and our minds to find that.

The world is a pretty magical place, the universe even more so.  We get to be here in this place in this time and turn things around for ourselves and others.  And we can do all of that simply by calibrating our mindset and focusing on the good we are graced with.  Look at the magic of hearing a message and then having reaffirmed the very next day.  That in itself is a wonderous moment.  That is more than a synchronicity, that is a divine moment.  And there is wonder and miracles in the mundane.  There is a miracle in being alive.  If you are here, your heart still beating, and air in your lungs then you are here for a reason, you have purpose.  Feel the wonder in that.  Don’t worry about what constitutes wonder to someone else, find the magic in your day and let it guide you.

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