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“This is no longer the story of you trying to prove them wrong.  From now on this is the story of you choosing to let them believe what they want to believe about you.  From now on this is the story of you choosing your resonance regardless of how they perceive it,” Xavier Dagba.  We’ve talked many times on the immense power that comes from owning our identity.  When we know who we are, it is no longer about proving anything to anyone.  It’s about simply taking the steps you need on your own path and seeing how things naturally unfold.  We can’t waste our time trying to prove to others that our way is the right way.  Number one, it may NOT be the right way for them.  Our paths are for us.  Number two, those who are meant to be with us will never leave us. 

We can’t spend our lives waiting for everyone to see our point of view.  That will never happen.  When you intentionally put the pause on your life waiting for someone else’s acceptance you’ve given them control and you will wait there believing you have the upper hand when really there is nothing to gain and only time wasted.  Our stories are always about us.  They are always about finding our path and living the fullest expression of who we are.  It’s about accepting and understanding that, more often than not, there is no right or wrong.  It’s all so subjective on our experience and who we are. People will do what is right for THEM.  Allow yourself to do the same.  That isn’t to say disregard people and their needs, but it is to say follow the beat of your own drum rather than someone else’s.

When we accept our own rhythm and our own needs and abilities, we become something different.  We move differently and we operate from a different space.  It isn’t about other’s acceptance, it’s always been about accepting ourselves.  There is genuine power there.  Proving gives the illusion of strength while we are in it and it feels like we’ve won the fight, but we’ve wasted energy that could have been spent building our own path.  With time you learn that what people think of you has such a little impact on your life.  It is 100% possible to live our lives without ever knowing what other people think of us.  The truth is the vast majority of people will never know who we are anyway.  Don’t waste your time trying to be something you’re not or trying to make people see it your way.  Their experiences define them just as yours define you.  Allow.  Then you will attract your path naturally and authentically.  That’s all that’s required in this life.      

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