The Walk

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Those who love to walk will go further than those who love the destination. I wrote a piece a long time ago about not understanding those who become swayed on their journey and don’t just go for the goal.  I believe I shared my experience reading a story about someone who wanted to go to a museum but they stopped to look at all of the shops and stores in between so her husband got mad because they were supposed to go to the museum and she made them miss it.  She said that she learned to see the joy in the detours.  That story made me so frustrated while reading it.  I’ve ALWAYS been that person who if we say we’re going somewhere, that’s where we’re going.  We aren’t getting stopped or distracted, we have a goal, a destination so let’s get there and enjoy what we said we were going to do.  If we miss what we said we are going to do, then what was the point in planning anything ever anyway?  In general life doesn’t work like that either.  If you want something then you have to set your intention and do the things that make it happen.  You can’t say you want to go to Bali and book a trip to Florida and expect to get to Bali—that isn’t reality.

There is value, however in practicing and understanding flexibility.  The HOW we get there isn’t that important if we are headed in the same direction.  That is key.  When you set your intention and start on your journey, it isn’t about the how you get there.  I just struggle with people who are given the right opportunity to get exactly where they need to be and they ignore it and then blame whatever happened on something else.  I struggle with the matter of choice in that people can always choose to do something differently—we do have some modicum of control in deciding what happens to us—but if they don’t do what they know they need to do, they try to blame others.  So, like, if you wanted to get to that museum but you stopped at every other place BUT the museum and you missed an opportunity to get there, that isn’t the museum’s fault.  That isn’t the universe saying you weren’t meant to see the museum. 

At the same time I understand that we are meant to explore and learn and incorporate new lessons.  Those who love learning will see opportunities others don’t.  They will see possibilities in situations others don’t.  Loving walking will take you endlessly further than those who simply want to get to a place and call it quits.  When you love the activity itself you can keep yourself motivated to moving forward.  Sometimes there are not goals in those circumstances, you simply have a direction and you have no idea how far it will go.  That is a pretty cool concept.  If you have no limit to how far you can go, there will be some amazing opportunities along that path simply because you enjoy the act of walking that path. 

Maybe there is a middle ground at the end of the day.  There is a time for focused and driven action and there is a time for enjoying the journey.  There’s a time for deliberate and stubborn focus and there is a time to take our hands off the wheel.  I’ve had a steep learning curve in regards to control and I’ve learned that sometimes things you think protect you and habits you develop that you mistake for who you are become things others see as too controlling.  Awareness is key.  The same is said for your path.  If you struggle to move forward make sure it isn’t because your feet are stubbornly dug into the ground making things look a certain way.  Sometimes you have to take in what’s around you and, as Tabitha Brown says, “You can’t skip any steps because you need a strong foundation.  Just because it’s taking a long time doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”  Enjoy the process of building that foundation, learning the lessons required, and taking the journey further than you think it can go.    

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