Healing Magic

Photo by Miriam Espacio on Pexels.com

I want to appreciate all the magical healers out there—which is all of us. As I continue to do the self-work (which never ends) and healing both mine and my ancestral wounds, as I embrace myself and learn love again, I feel the magic.  I feel the power we are meant to have that the world wants us to forget.  I feel the connection with things other people don’t understand.  There is something uniquely divine in owing our identity.  It’s the magic of creation, taking the pieces and putting them together, of feeling our way into this life.  Navigating the world connected to the stars with our feet on the ground and our hair in the wind. 

Being knocked down hard over the last few weeks has shown me a new appreciation for what I’m able to do.  I’m still learning myself because walking around without my armor takes some practice.  But I see now that I’ve been living with a and tied behind my back.  The armor isn’t doing a damn bit of good anymore and it’s far too heavy to carry.  So I turn inward and learn to be a bit more gentle with myself.  It’s no longer about controlling the outcome, it’s about recognizing how I genuinely feel.  it’s about remembering all I fought to dismiss.  The things people told me made me too much, the things they told me weren’t enough. Fuck that and fuck them.  This isn’t about their approval any longer because I’ve wasted enough time dancing to their beat only to be told that’s not the song they’re playing today.

So I appreciate my own rhythm, my own magic and I love my life a little more every day. There is no worry worth carrying or any sacrifice of self that will make up for what we can do ourselves.  The world is afraid of that.  Sometimes we’re afraid of that too.  But when we step into who we are, it doesn’t matter what anything on the outside says.  We are who we are for a reason.  We are meant to be that and no one else.  Sometimes people see the wishy washy version of who we are, the façade, and they do things that force us to break through again.  As long as they don’t break us, then allow it to happen.  We can take that dark moment and allow it to be a breakthrough.  Love your magic and remember you know how to turn dark into light, mess into magic, and make pieces whole again.  That is your gift.

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