Summary and Premise of Anxiety

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I’ve shared so much about my experience with anxiety and it is something I’ve faced my entire life and I still face it.  I’ve learned that talking through it is incredibly helpful.  We are not alone by any means.  When I came across these quotes, I felt a sense of peace with this new perspective.  It makes so much sense.  Notice that as we’ve gone through these posts, we’ve discussed over and over again the friction of anxiety.  What is friction?  It’s opposing energies, creating heat and discomfort and expansion in areas that can’t hold it.  Friction in general hurts—We know what it feels like when something is too tight or when it isn’t moving properly.  When we don’t have space we feel choked—and we all know nothing grows when it’s choked.  If I really think of my anxiety and the pressure I felt in these terms, it was the discomfort of trying to make everything fit in my life.  It was trying to be in multiple places at once, putting too much stuff in a small space.  The anxiety was caused by not accepting what IS, always wanting to be somewhere else. In essence, we are always in opposing worlds and we always have something in conflict with our knowing or our needs.  We tell those things to be quiet because we have other things we believe we need to do.

Simply put, conflict causes anxiety.  Conflict between what we know and what we feel and what we are told we are supposed to do.  Conflict between doing what is right for us versus what is right for others.  Conflict between temporary disappointment and long term gain.  Everything we think should be a certain way and the reality of how it is.  Expectation causes conflict.  As soon as something doesn’t turn out exactly as we think it should, we feel let down.  We need to start looking at creating harmony in the mind.  And that happens when we accept the reality of what is.  Putting pressure on ourselves to be something else or be somewhere else in our journey doesn’t work.  If we aren’t there, we aren’t there and allowing the frustration or anger to develop into anxiety isn’t going to change that position. 

I’m looking at these quotes every day now.  The moments I feel the anxiety creeping in, I ask what friction is there in that moment.  I’m asking what needs to change to allow me to be where I am.  And if I really can’t tolerate where I’m at, how can I step toward where I need to be.  Over and over again I’m reminding myself that this is my life, this is my one shot and I can’t afford to waste time hoping for someone’s approval or permission to do what I want to do.  I don’t have time for conflict.  I don’t have time to guess what someone else wants or to make myself palatable or acceptable to anyone anymore.  I want to help people and if I’m not your flavor, then there is someone else who is.  That is the grand reckoning with anxiety: accepting yourself sometimes means others won’t.  And the peace of that is you don’t need their acceptance anyway.  Don’t create conflict in your life for the peace of someone who doesn’t even know you. 

I hope this series has allowed some new perspective specifically in that regard.  You aren’t here for anyone else’s convenience or peace or to make them feel a certain way about you.  You are here to love yourself wholly and put your talents to use for the good of all.  Your talent as it is, is enough and it is needed because the ripple effect it creates allows space for others to do the same.  Remember who you are.  Don’t allow anxiety to lie to you any longer.  Break it down to its simplest pieces and become who you are meant to be.  Take one step at a time and look at what is causing the anxiety in the moment.  If you can answer that, you can break free.  Listen to that guidance system—remember.    

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