Finally Rooting

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I’ve had a Pothos plant for a year now.  I trimmed it back in the early days because it was getting too leggy and the beautiful leaves were turning yellow so I needed to create space for it to grow.  All of the stems I cut but one had rooted and I was able to transplant them back in to a planter where they have flourished since.  One piece, however, refused to grow.  Granted when I began it, the stem itself was about 18 inches long so that is still quite a bit to re-root and it needed a bit more trimming.  I did the initial cut and put it in water and it never grew.  So over the course of year I continued the process of cutting it back and hoping it would grow.  I cut it back to about seven inches or so and knew that if it didn’t root, that was it, I had to let that piece go.  I had been so patient over the course of this time and I didn’t want to toss it away—Something wouldn’t let me get rid of it even after I pulled it from the water before deciding to cut it one last time…but I knew soon there wouldn’t be enough left to plant anyway. 

I sat on a call with my sister the other morning and, without much thought, I noticed the water level was getting low and my first thought was that it was time to let it go.  But as I picked up the glassware with the shallow water and the lonely green stick still hanging out of it, I saw the tiniest of roots forming at the bottom!  I was reminded of the image of the person mining for diamonds and they gave up inches from striking it rich.  I had been about to give up on this plant, thinking it was over—and at the 11th hour, its roots broke through.  In the usual show of synchronicity from the universe, I had been speaking with my sister about growth and integrating lessons and healing.  This little plant had been through a lot—it lost a lot of itself in the process of re-rooting.  But it came through.  There is something cathartic about knowing with time, anything can root.

There is also a message in the need to cut out the extraneous.  There are things we think we need whether it’s a goal we are headed toward or material goods or a certain house or car or even just a certain projection of who we are.  As we’ve talked about before, in order to find who you are, you have to first recognize who you are not.  This stem of Pothos refused to grow or sprout before this final cut.  So in a very real way, it was letting go of the last bits it didn’t need that allowed it to grow.  I don’t know if it will keep growing strong or if it will bud leaves, but it took its first steps toward growth exactly when it was ready.  That’s the thing about being part of the universe: you can’t force things to happen before their time or with things that aren’t meant to be.  That’s how the universe works.  If growth isn’t supported or if the environment isn’t healthy, there will be no growth. 

Beyond the cliché of learning to stop pushing things, the main message is trust.  Trust that everything we are brought to is for a reason.  Trust that the obstacles in our lives are meant to show us what we need to learn including what we can do without and where we need to focus.  Be patient and understand that there is a lifelong lesson in life and that is simply that we need to do the best we can and love.  Allow the love to start with who we are.  Sometimes that means letting go of the image we project and simply fostering the growth of who we ARE.  And there is no forcing something to happen before it is ready.  You can lead a horse to water, right?  So be kind to yourself and be patient.  Especially when it’s hard, be kind.  Focus on where you are at and allowing yourself to grow.  Before you know it, once you are ready to let go of what you don’t need, you will find the growth you’re looking for. 

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