As Simple As Love

I saw a video of a viral reel the other day and it was about what happens when you hug your dog for too long.  I’m a sucker for animals so this was right up my alley.  Watching the video, I saw this animal completely relax into its human’s arms and even close its eyes and even lean its head against hers.  First of all, beyond adorable.  Secondly, animals are the best—they just KNOW.  Thirdly, why do we make it harder than this?  That is the purpose of life right there.  LOVE.  That is the answer.  Yes, we search and search for meaning and purpose because we weren’t given a diagram or a manual of what to do when we got here.  We were told that we need to be productive with our time and that what we produce is our purpose.  But we never stopped to look at what it meant to place value on what people produced instead of how they make us feel.

Animals are here for such a brief moment with us and during that time, they give us their all.  We can rarely do wrong in the eyes of an animal—and if we do they spit/scratch/bite/hiss whatever at us and then get over it.  We have so much to learn from animals in that regard.  Humans have this miraculous ability to steel-trap their memories surrounding any negative little thing, and we hold onto it like a badge of honor.  We don’t let it go and we use that as a framework moving forward.  Not a totally bad idea (I mean we don’t want to walk out in front of a car—that’s vital to remember).  But when it comes to creating positivity, we wait for the proof.  We wait for it to happen to us rather than go out and create it or accept the lessons we’ve learned as lessons.

That is where we can learn a lot from animals.  They don’t do much as far as producing anything.  In fact we clean up a lot of what they produce.  But these beautiful living beings we get to spend our time with are miracles.  And they are wonderful reminders of what we need to do:  Embrace the moment.  The more we can be present, the more we see the answers in front of us.  Love what we have.  Love who we are.  Love everything around us.  Love the connection we have to this place, to these people, to this time.  Love what we are capable of.  Love what it means for us.  Love what love is.  Create the space to simply BE.  It is such a freeing feeling and yes, we spent the last several days talking about purpose and finding who you are to fulfill that purpose, but I want to add that we need to love first.  We need to remember that we are all here for a fleeting moment and we need to be who we are and we need to love who we are.  Take this reminder and love a little extra today.         

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