Making a Decision

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We don’t often talk about the power of making a decision and something happened recently that reinforced the need to talk about it.  As I spoke about earlier in the week, my son started school and I took the day off.  During that day I did a ton of work that I actually wanted to focus on.  I cleaned, I organized, I prepared for an event we are having.  I also spent a lot of time thinking and working through some more personal stuff. Throughout the day I kept finding myself thinking, “this is exactly what I want to be doing.”  Previously I found myself lamenting and wanting to work from home but I didn’t have the clarity to make it happen—it felt like a fantasy.  But something about the productivity of that day made it feel both real and possible.  It was pivotal for me because that has been the clearest I’ve ever felt about creating that type of reality.  The feeling was so powerful I told my boss the next day that I need to find something where I can work from home.  Based on how I felt, I knew it in my gut.  Logistically, I don’t want to be as far as I am from my son during the day—that’s pretty solid for me that I want to be home.

Now that was a decision.  I could have held it inside and continued to think working from home was a pipedream or fantasy.  But I decided it was time to speak it out loud.  I felt the clarity and I recognized the power of putting out the energy you want into the universe. Let me tell you, it was such an incredibly freeing feeling.  Even more surprising, my boss didn’t react how I expected.  She actually was very understanding.  Granted we don’t have the capacity to make it happen at this point, but I definitely have the clarity and the direction now.  From the perspective of creating the life we want, I’ve spoken about manifesting and learning how to close the gap from where we are to where we want to be.  But the truth is when we are manifesting the life we want, we often underestimate the power of simply making the choice.  Number one, it feels amazing to decide on something but once we make a decision, the rest falls away and things get really clear.  Once things are clear, the universe conspires to make it happen.

I don’t claim this will happen over night, not by any means.  But I feel a shift.  I feel the path opening up toward the life I want.  They always say that things will come together to make it happen and it certainly feels that way.  This is the difference between thinking it and speaking it. When we hold something in, it has no chance to manifest.  We need to have a moment of trust to speak what we want into reality.  We have to trust that once we speak it, it will come and that can be a scary place to work from.  We don’t always know how things will turn out but one thing is certain: if you don’t put out what you actually want, you will certainly never get it.  But the most important part is admitting to yourself what you actually want.  It’s only when you understand that that you can understand what is possible and in that moment, you ask different questions.  Questions like, “What will happen if I start working toward it?”  and like, “What happens if I say this out loud?”  All I know for certain is that the odds of creating what you want are far greater if you speak them and align with what it takes.  Happy decision making!

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