Business of Life

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I’ve been running a business for almost a year now and I haven’t done exceptionally well.  I’ve met an amazing group of people and I’ve learned so much from them in regards to life and turning things around.  I’ve learned more accountability and respect and excitement and support from this group than I’ve experienced most of my life.  They’ve shared a lot about personal growth and part of that is running the business of life and not letting it run you.  We can’t allow ourselves to get so caught up in bad patterns that we don’t see the value in shifting our mindset.  We have to be open to other ideas and other experiences and sometimes we have to trust what others tell us.  We have to trust what other people see in us and that we can shift the sails to go in a new direction.  We have to trust that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. 

So I had a pivotal moment the other day.  As we worked through some training with a new couple we’ve brought on, I realized that some of the tools we were showing them I had never seen.  My initial reaction was frustration: how could my mentors have NOT shown me this?!  No wonder I didn’t know half of what they’ve been talking about.  No wonder I still don’t know what some of this is!  But as I was working on yesterday’s piece about what people notice, it hit me: I basically told them that I knew it all and that I would figure it out.  No wonder they didn’t approach me with this!  I didn’t want to be held to their time standards and I wanted to do it my own way.  I missed out on 8 months where I could have been much further and more successful than where I’m at had I been OPEN.  Had I not shut the door in their faces and said I would do it alone. I realized that I held myself back, not because I didn’t take it seriously, but because I didn’t know how to operate it or how to operate in it. I didn’t know how to be vulnerable enough to ask for help—I was still projecting the façade of being able to do it all on my own.     

Sometimes it takes a while for the action to align with the intention of the mind.  Sometimes the realization that you did it to yourself is a tough pill to swallow.  We make mistakes in business just as we make mistakes with every day life.  We have to accept that as a part of the human condition as well as the responsibility to learn from those mistakes.  Now I know.  I DON’T know it all.  I CAN trust people.  Sometimes I have to be the one who gets coached.  And this is the reality of growth: we cling to the reality we create and sometimes think that is the only way.  But sometimes we have to understand that we are meant to be cracked open and to share and to learn.  Even the guides need to be guided sometimes or they at least consult the map!   Pride gets in the way and creates walls.  We are meant to open those walls and learn.  People will approach us when we open the doors.  Life can flow in when we open the doors.  Most importantly, we can move forward when we open the doors.  Remove the obstacles we put in our own way and see how much easier it is to move forward.

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