This Moment

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Mel Robbins shared two truths about life. 1. You will never be as young as you are right now in this moment.  2. You will never regret spending your life doing what makes you happy.  Don’t waste another day of it spending time or doing things that don’t make you happy.  They say that we have to hear the same message seven ways from seven people before we get it…in my case it might be seven million ways from seven million people (including preaching it myself) when it comes to these truths.   I don’t know, perhaps being sick is making a few things more clear, but hearing this message this way on this day hit me a bit differently. 

The truth is I still spend a lot of my days in panic mode about time and how much of it I’ve wasted, especially when I have those moments of not seeing the progress I want in my life.  It has taken years to even get to the point where I felt safe admitting what I wanted in life and another chunk of years gathering the courage to do it.  I always thought it was a lightbulb type moment when you figured something out, suddenly the light shined on everything and all the answers and ways suddenly became clear.  No more bumps in the road.  Maybe it was too much time with Disney as a kid, thinking the path clears entirely once you have that happy ending.  They just never tell you what happens after the happy ending.  The reality is there is no ending—sometimes the ending is the beginning.  There are still trials and bumps, they are just different and we feel different about them.  There is no “resolution” when it comes to living because the only real end is death.  If we are alive, there is conflict of some sort whether it is enjoyable or not.

The point is, it is a time suck and I still miss the moment, often forgetting that I am capable and able here and now and that this is the opportunity to live and do the things I want to now.  40 doesn’t mean it’s over if we haven’t achieved what we want by then.  That’s also a symptom of thinking about the happy ending: achieving happiness by a certain age doesn’t mean that there won’t be a different goal in the future.  Accomplishing one thing doesn’t mean that will fulfill for the rest of the days we have and we never know what curiosity leads to down the path.  We become hunters of purpose and that is what fulfills our days.  It doesn’t matter if we are 25 or 55 or 85, if we find something we enjoy, then it is time to pursue it.  I was raised that there were limits on when things could be done in life and that you missed the boat if you didn’t do it by a certain time.  In reality, you can go for it at any time.

There are certain things we need to be reminded of, especially if the lessons are long engrained in our brains.  We have to be gentle with ourselves (I have to be gentle with myself) when it comes to how long it takes to understand certain lessons.  Even if we understand them intellectually, it is often challenging to bring them into practice.  No matter how long it takes, the fact that we continue to work on it is something.  The point is to learn it.  All is well in so many ways and, as short as this life is, we can learn to expand those moments out to infinity by simply being present in the long moment we have while we are here.  So take this moment and relish the youth you have, the experience you have, the chances you have.  Integrate and embrace it all and take those lessons and live.  That is the greatest thing you can do.  Simply live.

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