Part of The Conversation

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Sitting on a meeting at work the other day, I listened to our VP, AVP, and Director all talk shop about things coming in our field.  I had a moment where I realized that I didn’t really connect with the conversation but I was in awe of the depth of passion and understanding these women had and the quality of the conversation as well.  The drive and desire to have conversations like that swept over me.  I mean, I had a minute where I felt out of my league because I didn’t even know where to go to get ahead of the curve like these women have done—but I found myself wanting to.  I know at the end of the day that drive will probably not follow me in this field, but I feel that passion in other fields.  To be innovative, to be creative, to change things, to share the opportunity and vision of new ways of doing things: I am on board.

The truth is things change fast in our world—often faster than the human mind or spirit can keep up.  We do need to have an element of being a few leaps ahead of the game to steer things or, quite frankly, to make sure we understand what’s happening around us.  Right now, virtually everything we know is changing either because of some systemic breakdown or because of some advancement.  It’s nearly impossible to keep up with where everything is going.  We have to have our hands on the pulse of a myriad of things at all times.  At least for most of us, that is the compulsion.  Human nature is about survival at its base and part of that is keeping an awareness of what’s happening around us.

I found myself thinking about how nice that would be to feel that in my own field.  To feel that way in the things I want to do.  In general, the key is to be part of the conversation.  Not to be part of every conversation, but to be part of the conversation that matters most to us.  If we are passionate about healthcare, then we need to focus there.  If we love space or we love writing, or we love singing, farming, sewing, cooking—anything we love, that is where we need to be.  Yet we convince ourselves we need to be doing something else all the time.  It is the rare person who is able to fully commit to who they are.  While many of them get attention for it, it skews the reality that most people are bound up in who they think they are supposed to be and repeating the same patterns. 

The simplest way to do this is to take charge of the way we spend our time and start making small shifts toward what we want to do.  Yes, that means starting the conversation at times, but mostly, it means getting on board with where you want to go and joining in.  We can’t move mountains on our own, but together, we can sure as hell climb it a lot easier.  Or go around it.  Or plow through it.  The point is, we can learn a lot more by leaning on each other and utilizing our knowledge base than we can roughing it alone.  And sitting in silence thinking we are alone is only going to benefit the current paradigm because that will keep us repeating the same patterns.  But it doesn’t do any good to sit there thinking about it, wishing for it, getting angry or anything else: we need to take action and dive in.  Ok, maybe stick a toe in first, but get to it.  You won’t regret it.

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