Build a Life

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The evolution of life can be messy.  Actually, it is messy.  The course is rarely certain, we change our minds, new information comes in, we have endless stimulation from different sources, people always have input, we are never not connected.  And this has become the norm.  We live amid expectation of 24/7 availability and connectedness, the ability to always be on and ready.  The body and mind are simply not designed to sustain that type of pressure for prolonged periods of time.  Yet we wear it like a badge of honor.  We barely mask our symptoms or hide the irritation with the lives we live and we miss the opportunity to fully thrive in who we are because we don’t think we can.  I recently heard the quote, “Build a life, don’t live one.”  This changes the story.

The point in all of this is to create our own story, not live the one told for us.  We have evidence all around us that things are not working as they once used to and even more evidence that they never worked as intended for everyone.  We know the exhaustion and constant movement and stimuli aren’t healthy.  We know there is more beyond the game of proving ourselves.  Yet we still have this need to prove we can handle this.  Life isn’t meant to be handled.  It is meant to be lived.  So if we take the opportunity to really break down what it is we want and what we know of who we are, we can find ourselves and our purpose somewhere in between.

Suddenly the things that people tell us we needed no longer matter.  We’ve written our own course.  We’ve created our own definition of success and life and joy.  What is deemed perfect doesn’t matter because we have found what is perfect for us and we understand that is all we need.  Building a life doesn’t mean things are easy.  It just means there are seasons for sowing and seasons for reaping.  It means we have a learning curve and we have to accept that we may need to decide to try and try again to get where we want to go.  Embrace the mess of the life we build.  Enjoy the process.  There is no need to add the pressure of being something we are not.  We simply need to be who we are and commit to that.  Keep building.

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