Head and Mind

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“In order to use your head you must go out of your mind,” Loren Ridinger.  Lately we’ve all been looking for something.  We feel there is more, we understand that there are different possibilities, and we are learning on a visceral and literal level that the way things are currently do not work for everyone.  We are awakening.  We know that we have a deeper purpose than what we’ve been told/sold yet we aren’t quite sure how to move forward and make that a reality.  There are a ton of unknowns.  Sometimes an opportunity comes along that makes zero sense in the scheme of your day to day life—it logically doesn’t fit, it’s counterintuitive to what you feel you should be doing yet there is an inner knowing that you need to follow.  That is what our opening quote is about.  Sometimes logic doesn’t work.  Logic makes sense of everything in the physical world but keeps us from what we know.  That is what this means.

When we start hearing the call of our souls, that is when we need to let go of what we know and follow what we KNOW.  There are certain things that don’t need to make sense logically.  When we are gifted intuition, we need to learn how to follow it rather than stifle it.  We are taught to fear our intuition and follow the logic we are taught because that is supposed to be the safer path.  We know now the truth of that: there is no safety anywhere.  Loyalty is a thing of the past for the most part—there is no need to care for employees or friends when they come a dime a dozen.  We’ve forgotten how to foster genuine connection. And I believe that comes from a desensitization to ourselves as well.  When we are taught our intuition is the enemy or something that can’t be trusted, how can we learn to read other people? 

These things take practice.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few brief moments of the type of connection where it didn’t matter if it didn’t make sense, I knew I had to do it.  Those were some of the most refreshing moments of my life, some of the most energetically freeing.  We are beings with a lot of energy and we are trained to waste it on distraction and other people’s priorities.  When we shift that energy toward ourselves, amazing things happen.  For instance, if you know a certain activity is either painful or stressful for you, but there is something you’re interested in trying and you do it, that is a moment of freedom.  We aren’t meant to stifle the things we feel.  Energy is powerful and we emit it at all times.  That isn’t something to ignore.  But we are able to harness that and the potential is unlimited if that energy is directed toward something we are aligned with. 

So when those things call, don’t worry about what you are “logically” supposed to do.  Answer from the part of you that wants to do it.  Amazing things happen, almost like magic.  Steps appear, resources appear, guides appear to move you forward.  It genuinely is magical to feel those things align.  I was recently gifted such an opportunity from my mentor and let me tell you, it feels surreal.  It felt fake.  In all honesty, the scientist in was piqued at the process of the brain and how it can reject a new reality.  The mind is a powerful thing, incredibly so.  I use this platform often to discuss the power of mindset and that is a perfect demonstration of trained beliefs/mind ruling our knowing.  Letting go of that and accepting a new reality is the next step.  In my case, I have leapt in.  There are parts I have no idea how they will work, but I’m going with it.  I’m following my head.  I hope you take the opportunity to do the same.

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