Photo by Ravi Kant on Pexels.com

Just a short note on a message I heard from Tabitha Brown the other day where she was talking about a full feeling.  She shared a story of eating a delicious meal and knowing she was full but continuing to eat anyway.  She then went on to explain the discomfort of sitting there after eating more than she should have.  The beauty of this message is when she expanded it to life.  So many times we run around trying to cram in more and more, thinking it will satiate us or that we will be happy with more when the reality is we need to learn to sit with what we have and let it settle.  Let it digest before we try to stuff in more. 

I know I’m guilty of running around trying to fi tit all in, trying to make my life more and never really sitting in the moment and simply enjoying it as is. I’m a thousand steps ahead thinking of all that needs to be done or all the things I want to do rather than simply being.  We are taught to be everywhere but where we are, even at the most basic level of knowing when we’ve consumed enough.  It can be challenging to apply that to other areas of our lives when we don’t have a firm grasp of our own bodies.

Sometimes we have to learn to be content with where we are, enjoy what we’ve done rather than trying to consume more.  We don’t always need to take in more.  We need to accept and assimilate what we’ve already done.  We need to produce to share some of what we have, we need to prune in order to allow more growth.  We don’t want to burst, we simply want to allow what we have to overflow to others.  We have to learn to accept the natural ebb and flow, the fullness and the emptiness, as a part of life.  Accept when we have had enough.  Then we fill again when the time is right.   

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