Understanding Through Meeting

Photo by Savvas Stavrinos on Pexels.com

There are moments when we meet people when things simply click.  There is an openness and a humility that we didn’t expect but it is completely real.  It’s also refreshing to meet people and see they are exactly who they claim to be.  There is an alignment between what we see and what we get and it’s as if we were aligned all along.  There is no weirdness, no pressure, it just flows.  For me, those moments are rare—I’m socially awkward, I overshare or I’m entirely quiet, I get nervous or over confident, and I fidget regardless of what I feel so it makes me feel completely vulnerable like everyone can see I’m a “fraud.”  I recently experienced a moment of alignment and relief with a business partner the other day and it made reality click in a new way.

I’ve been working on a side business for a while and admittedly haven’t seen much success in it.  I have a million excuses, most of them valid to be entirely honest, but my perspective shifted a bit the other day when I met with this person.  We’ve had virtual meetings plenty of times and it was hard to get a gauge on him at first.  I’m naturally pretty skeptical as well, so I go in with my guard up.  Regardless, we set up this meeting at a team event that was happening closer to me (this partner lives our East).  When I got there, warmth radiated and there was an absolute openness I didn’t expect.  Suddenly there are options.  I mean, no mystery, we’ve been talking about that here for over a year now. 

So what is it about seeing someone in person?  I mean, technology connects us but the truth is it can divide us as much as it connects.  There is the shield of the screen and the camera where we can curate what we share and what things look like rather than express who we are.  I mean, I’ve been pretty vulnerable here sharing stories but even that is a matter of how much to share, how much detail, and wondering if people even really want to read that.  So the same can be said about meeting people.  Even though I’m an open book, is it a matter of protection and over-sharing as a shield? 

The relief I felt at seeing the reality match the perception felt amazing.  There were no airs, no hierarchy, and honestly, no nerves.  Not only is there a comfort level, there is a peace at full expression and acceptance of who we are.  There is also something to be said about consistency and matching energy.  We had a conversation that helped me understand things in a new way.  It helped me see how to approach life and my business in a way that will open things up.  It helped me see how continued genuine expression is key to opening and creating the life we want  for ourselves, a life that can fulfill our purpose and help others.  There is an element of trust established when you meet in person and even more trust in yourself when you see the possibilities reflected in yourself. 

We only get what we give and when you see people at a different level, achieving what you want, take that as a sign you’re on the right path.  Trust that you are matching that frequency at some level and have the ability to match the output you’re looking for.  If you’re experiencing it, trust it because your energy got you there in the first place. If you can harness that and take in the message, you’ll see the mutual reciprocity and exchange of that energy.  So always be open, always have faith in yourself, and always try your best to put aside any preconceived notions you may have.  The universe aligns us with who is meant to be in our lives.

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