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It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about independence on Independence Day (mainly because it’s a tad cliché) but with the political climate, the slowly simmering revolution brewing, and all of the confusion, I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone: Find freedom in your heart and mind first.  Find the way to remind yourself every day that you are able to make a different decision and you can see what the circus is really about.  You can learn to ignore the sleight of hand and find your voice to question what you know is wrong.  You can celebrate what is right and focus on that.

Independence is, at its basic level, about freedom from any type of oppression and an ability to move freely.  Right now there are powers that seek to limit freedom on people and seek to give more protection to weapons than people.  It is our right to demand better.  What we are experiencing now is a reach for control because we see systems failing and breaking and all of these last minute attempts at controlling the people are poor strategies to bolster the egos of a select few.  We do not need to participate in this charade.  We are all grown and we all know how to manage ourselves—we need to stop questioning who we are and what we can do.

Real independence is exactly that: trusting ourselves enough to make the right decision and having the wherewithal to understand the impact of our actions.  We will never do it perfectly, we will always be the villain to some and the victor to others.  But we need to be the hero to ourselves and that comes from developing an extremely healthy relationship with self and unashamedly embracing who we are.  Independence is learning to discern when we are being bullshitted and when we know the truth—and when we know the truth, not being afraid to speak it.  So reclaim who you are without the interruption or distractions of daily life.  Be you.  Be wild.  Be fierce.  Be Free.

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