Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful to be a woman.  The disheartening climate of the world right now does not stop me from embracing the joy I feel in my body, in who I am, in who I identify as, and what I am biologically.  I will not feel shame in the things my body can do and I will not feel shame in deciding what to do with my body. 

Today I am grateful to take chances.  My husband and I discussed the decision of Roe V. Wade and the impact it means.  My husband mentioned how everyone are sheep and go with what they are told and I knew I had to share that piece yesterday, and I will be sharing more of my story coming up.  I had so carefully filtered what happened when I shared the loss of my child last year, but I am not going to hide behind the truth of what happened.  It is too important and too many people’s lives are at stake now.  The sovereignty of our own bodies is at stake as well as our mental health.  I was terrified to share what I wrote, but the words poured out of me.  It’s time to break that yoke of imagined control and step into who we are.

Today I am grateful for making things happen.  We’ve envisioned the ability to do things as a family since I found out I was pregnant with our son.  We have worked hard and we are beyond blessed to be able to do some of those things now.  One of them is putting in a pool for us.  It’s nothing fancy, just a temporary steel frame.  But it means the world to me because of what we have envisioned doing together.  We worked in the yard nearly all afternoon, digging and leveling and making it all come together.  I’ve said it before, I always appreciate the team work my husband and I find in projects like this.  It was a long afternoon, and a lot of work, and yes, even painful, but it is so worth it.

Today I am grateful for strength.  All kinds of strength.  Physical to do the work we did today.  Mental strength to live this life.  Emotional strength to see the big picture.  And strength of character.  To know when we do wrong and when we need to stand firm.  To know who we are and to create something better.  To take care of ourselves and others.  To know when we need to do the right thing even if it’s the hard thing.  To simply be human.  To express our humanity and embrace it in ourselves and others. 

Today I am grateful to make strides.  Sharing the words I did yesterday was a pivot point in my life.  I am grateful for every moment of alignment with who I am.  For every reminder to stand firmly in who I want to be, in who I am.  It is something I need to remind myself to do every day because I have a lot of years of training to the contrary.  I am grateful to drop the cloak and the weight of what I wore as an identity and be comfortable in the rawness, the bareness of who I am.  Do the things that make you come alive.

Today I am grateful for reminders to continue on that path.  I read a quote, “Sometimes we tolerate the destructive patterns of others because we are afraid to lose them, not understanding that tolerating them will cause us to lose ourselves.”  I tolerated a life time of being told what worked for me and fulfilling what other people needed.  I am grateful to be reminded to give myself grace as I break those patterns and to always try again.  Each time I remind myself is a reminder that you, too, need to prioritize yourself. Life isn’t something to tolerate, it is something to experience and if that experience isn’t joyful, find one that is. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.  

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