Roe V. Wade

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I had to take a beat after hearing the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade and really gather my thoughts.  I cannot believe that we have to have this conversation again.  I can’t believe I have to use the word “again” when it comes to discussing a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.  There are so many things in the last 10 years that I never thought I would see in my lifetime that at some point I feel almost desensitized to it.  Believe me, I’m not actually desensitized, I just have lost that element of surprise when someone tries to enforce some new type of control over my life—or anyone else’s for that matter.  So instead of whining and bitching about this, I’ve decided it’s time to do something. 

  1. Abortion is not a political issue or a religious issue—it is a medical issue so get your God Damn opinions and words out of my uterus.  I am more than capable of knowing what is best for me and MY circumstances and I do NOT need your permission to make ANY kind of decision regarding my body
  2. My body is not for legislation. I am a living breathing being and the point of politics has turned from ensuring and managing societal safety to some fucked up illusion of power and Handmaid tale-ing 50% of the population. If you feel you can legislate women’s bodies, then men need to be equally regulated.  That’s right, boys.  I am calling for this to no longer be an option.  You are equally responsible in producing a child so it’s time to step up.  More to come on that shortly.
  3. Women: DO NOT REMAIN SILENT IN THIS FOR ANY REASON.  Share your stories.  Share systems of support.  Share different means of access to healthcare and educate each other.  This is something that has crossed every boundary of religious or political beliefs, it has crossed the boundaries of race and ethnicity, it has crossed the boundaries of socioeconomic status.  We are ALL UNITED IN THIS.  Stand firm, stand tall, stand together.  Get Vocal and Loud and DEMAND what we have every right to: our minds and bodies.
  4. It is time to definitively and completely draw the line in the sand and demand what we are entitled to.  I hereby create Elizabeth’s Law stating that every piece of legislation surrounding bodily autonomy need apply to both biological genders and all parties need to be held accountable in any situation that results of any kind of pregnancy (ectopic, uterine, IVF, surrogate) through any type of relationship (one night stand, rape, marriage, incest, infidelity, consensual, friends with benefits, and any other type of union that may result in pregnancy).  This care is to include health of the mother during pregnancy, access to medical care (including mental health access) for the mother during and after pregnancy, care for the CHILD after it is born (not just as a developing embryo or fetus) including any special needs that may result, any specific medical care the child may need including mental health access, day care, education, food, clothing, etc.  This law states that, if women are denied access to basic medical care, men no longer have access to medications designed to improve/stimulate sexual performance and all marketing for such products needs to cease immediately. This law states hormonal forms of birth control be available to men. This law states that if healthcare is being determined by the government, said government need assume all responsibility for all facets of health care for all citizens in order to control the idea that they are simply trying to control women.       
  5. I call for all women to make their OWN version of this law.  I want to see everyone share this, under everyone’s name.  I want to see women pissed off and standing together and taking charge of what we never needed permission for in the first place.  Start as small as you need to but start.  Make it clear that THIS IS NOT OK.  If your partner is in favor of this atrocity of a decision, then close access to what they mistake as theirs and stop sleeping with them.  Stop stroking their egos which mistakenly make them think their power lies between their legs and mistakenly makes them think they have the right to dictate what happens between ours.
  6. If you have the ability to donate to causes, donate (see below). If you have the ability to rally, rally.  If you have the ability to serve in any clinic still functioning, serve.   

Women, do not give up hope.  Do not believe that all is lost because that is what this system is hoping for.  They are hoping we will tuck our tails in defeat and quietly acquiesce to their will.  Do not give up hope.  Do not give up anything.  This is a reclaiming, my beautiful sisters.  THIS IS THE AWAKENING.


Planned Parenthood (they are matching all donations dollar for dollar up to $250,000):

Abortion Funds (National network of abortion funds):

For Access to Abortion Pills (prior to need or in need—for advance provision of pills a donation is required):

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