Chancing The Shot

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“You’ve got to take your shot.  You have to live on the edge of your capability.  You’ve got to live where you’re almost certain you’re going to fail.  That’s the reason for practice.  Practice is controlled failure.  Getting to your limit, getting to your limit.  You can’t lift that.  You can’t do that.  Until you get to the point you CAN,”  Via sportscenter. On the heels of yesterday’s conversation, I found this quote.  It’s a beautiful reminder that we need to keep pushing to experience growth.  It’s never comfortable to learn something on the other side of who we are.  But if there is something calling you, then you need to answer.  We can do so much more than we think we can.  We CAN have a positive impact on people.  We can change people’s lives.  We can change how they view life.

Start with how we view ourselves.  If we see limits, if we see obstacles, if we see the course we are supposed to follow and only go that route, we will never break out of the rut we create.  We will live the same day for our entire lives and wonder what happened in the end.  We will wonder what we missed out on through having done what we were told we were supposed to do.  Sometimes the revolution starts in our mind.  It starts with the thought, “does it really have to be this way?”  We see how we got here, and we know it doesn’t feel right, that there is something more.  We know.  There is more outside of what we are told this life is.  That’s when we wonder if we have been aiming for the wrong thing.  We can take the shot for something else.  We pivot and take aim for something new.         

This is why it is SO important to find who we are.  This is why it is so important to love who we are.  This is why it is so important to be authentic.  Not the false bravado of who we are supposed to be, but the real person inside underneath what we are told to do.  We have this knowing and we are trained to ignore it in favor of what we are told is safe and predictable.  People, we can lose anything at any time because NOTHING in this world is guaranteed.  The only thing we have is now.  As we feel that pull, that calling, the heat and fire build within us until we ignite like a flame and that light becomes so bright, it ignites those around us as well.  It isn’t selfish.  It isn’t weird to not fit in—we were never designed to fit in.  We were only designed to be who we are and we feel lost and hopeless when we feel the split between who we are and who they tell us to be.  Reconcile that so you always know the difference.

Build your confidence through small steps toward who you are.  Get comfortable in that new skin and trying those new things.  The more comfortable you are in that person, in that version of yourself, the more natural it feels.  It takes practice, truly.  I’ve been talking about it for years.  I’ve gone back and forth, close to the edge of fully diving in and then running away.  But I will tell you nothing feels better than actively being the person I am meant to be.  There is nothing to wear, no armor against people’s opinions, no shields against judgement.  That will happen no matter what you do so put down the extra weight and simply wear the shield of being who you are—nothing else matters.  Take your shot and allow the greatness that is you to flow through.  One day you won’t be talking about it, you will be living it because suddenly, after all the work and practice, you CAN.

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