Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for realizing what works for me and what doesn’t.  Not that this is revelatory information, but I had a moment of absolute clarity about who is good for me and who isn’t.  Some people are toxic no matter what you do.  Some people used to fit in your life and, as time passes, there is no longer room for them.  Some people become who they are meant to be and that doesn’t align with who we are.  Throughout all of that, we grow and become who we are—and all of that is ok.  Losing those who we thought were meant to be by our sides is tough.  It’s even stranger when nothing in particular happens, but you still see the difference between you.  I am taking it as a sign of growth that I am ready to allow this person to be who they are

Today I am grateful for generational healing.  To follow up on the first point, I want to share that I am equally as grateful for realizing new approaches to dealing with someone I thought I would never be able to recover with.  Similar to my first gratitude, this was about understanding the person in a new light and honoring their growth—and honoring what they understand about themselves.  While I know this person still has work to do, I am so grateful to release some of the anger and resentment I was feeling.  I’m also grateful to be a witness to their growth as they heal—it allows us to heal as well, and collective healing is necessary.

Today I am grateful for crazy whims.  We are on vacation and decided to expand the family by a bunny.  We rescued a handsome little dude who got separated from his partner and welcomed him home. The ironic part is we saw this guy several months back and initially decided not to take him because life was too chaotic. Well things have settled down so when we went back and saw he was there, we decided it was time. We’ve always loved animals and we have a bit of a zoo but I wouldn’t change it.  My son is thrilled and he is old enough to learn the responsibility of it all as well as enjoy it.  We weren’t planning on anything like this but we opened our hearts and minds to it.  Life isn’t always predictable—in fact it usually isn’t—so the key is to just role with it and enjoy what surprises come your way.  Besides, rabbits are part of my totem so I will take that as a sign as well.

Today I am grateful for being seen.  Over the last few days I have felt more understood than I have in a long time.  Not that I’m looking for external validation, but there is something to be said for true understanding, compassion, and acceptance.  Feeling all that is something we all strive for and most of us need it on some level.  We are human after all.  So when we learn to accept the pieces of ourselves that we normally struggle with, we show the world what we will tolerate as well as what we need.  Don’t settle for half-understood, partial acceptance.  Embrace yourself fully as you are and see those who are meant to be with you come to your side. 

Today I am grateful for all the reminders of beauty that there are every day.  The sunrise and the sunset.  A family working together to run their business.  Children laughing.  A small dessert we don’t normally get.  My son’s smile.  His excitement and witnessing his compassion both for human and animal life.  This is the hope for the future and that is what needs to be nourished and developed at all costs.  There is beauty in this world at every turn—I’ve often spoken of it.  It’s time to embrace it completely and relish in it.  Dive in it.  Share the joy of it. When we see all the beauty there is we appreciate more and the more we appreciate, the more joy we feel.  We are meant to be joyful.  We are meant to celebrate.  Life is the occasion, my friends.  So take it all in.  Now is the time we have.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.    

5 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude

      • It’s actually partially YOUR fault I disappeared. Your words have ministered so much to my heart, these last months. They helped give me the courage to lay down my pen, my ministry cape, my leaping tall buildings, in a single bound, for others in order for me to rest and ask myself what things I see and need just for ME. I am doing my best to be present and letting the efforts I have done to take root and grow. In the meantime, I don’t have to be in the driver’s side. Am enjoying being a passenger for a bit. Thanks for being you…

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      • I wish I could remember the name of the piece. It was one, though, where you had fully exposed and expressed yourself in choosing to live fully, in accepting responsibility, in finding out what YOU really wanted and needed. You were honest in talking about how you had been expecting different reactions from your husband etc. I think it was several posts. Just helped me want to to want to. FOR ME. I thank you…

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