What We Need

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on Pexels.com

In a beautiful show of synchronicity this morning, the affirmation cards I drew discussed stillness, alignment, and purposeful action.  As I begin this vacation, those are some of the key intentions I have for this time.   Shortly after I drew the cards, I read a bit and the story for today was about a woman getting what she needed and as the two ideas coincided, I wanted to discuss this idea of getting what we need.  The universe is pretty amazing in taking care of itself.  We are all little cogs trying to impress our power and find importance in the world when in reality, we all have a higher purpose.  Sometimes the two ideas align and we are aligned with what the universe has planned for us and that is really the goal for everyone.  Align with your purpose because when you do, the work that follows never feels like work.  Aside from that, we can find what we are looking for more easily—we can be still and hear what to do next.

On the concept of the universe knowing how to take care of itself, it’s much like the body’s ability to heal.  To send the extra red blood cells to the injury and to have the appropriate t-cells fight off infection, and the billions of other activities the body does for us.  We are all cells in the body of the universe and if we slow down enough to listen to what we need to do, we will hear it.  The universe doesn’t need to see us running around like chickens with our heads chopped off, it needs us to get still and hear what it’s trying to tell us.  It doesn’t want pointless action, it wants purposeful action aligned with the plan it has for you.  No, it isn’t always easy to align with it, but that’s usually the ego talking. It may not be what we want, but it’s still part of our role.

I’m not always good with maintaining my faith or my belief.  Like anyone, I’ve had my share of events that make me question what I’m even doing here, that make me question why something would happen like it did.  But this journey, specifically the last couple of months, has demonstrated with the most clarity I’ve experienced in almost 40 years that there IS a purpose to it all and we just need to get with it.  Yeah, I’ve kind of always instinctively known that but those moments when we actually feel it and experience the visceral feeling of being IN it—that is magic.  We can pretend we have control to the nth degree but the truth is we don’t.  That is the illusion.  We have control over our immediate circumstances but ultimately the universe is going to do what it wants to—it knows what is best. 

So when we see those gentle reminders that we are on the right path, that is the time to get excited.  That’s the time to listen more and hear the next step.  That is the time to allow yourself to feel whole but to know there is more to learn.  The universe knows what it needs to heal itself.  The universe knows what it needs to get us where we need to go to assist with that healing and that purpose.  We are all indelibly marked with the plan laid out for us when we were born and we know it instinctively.  With all of the signs out there, I am most grateful for this one: to be still, listen, and align.  The amount of work means nothing if we are heading in the wrong direction.  So make sure you’re on the right track, facing the right way, and then know enough to move when it’s time.  Trust it is part of that plan—the universe knows better than we do.

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