Decide And Declare

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“Never underestimate the power of deciding what you want and declaring it to be so,” Ashmi Path.  Continuing our conversation from yesterday regarding aligning and shifting our beliefs, I want to take us to the next level.  Often we approach our dreams with a skeptical quality.  We like the idea of it but we don’t fully commit to it.  It becomes one of those nebulous, “wouldn’t it be nice if…” type of thoughts without any real truth behind it.  When we are aligned and clear on what it is we want and we do the work to remove limiting beliefs, we can take on what it feels like to co-create from that state.  The universe doesn’t give permission to achieve goals or receive things, rather it asks us to find what resonates with us and learn to operate from a place of surrender.  Accept that the path we are on will ultimately lead us to where we want to go even if there are some additional twists and turns at times.

The more we learn to align and shed the belief around hard work or fear, we learn to ask ourselves different questions like if we are doing things because we want to or if we think we have to.  Aligning with the idea that there are multiple ways to achieve a goal simply opens more opportunities.  Sometimes seeing the opportunity is half the battle.  Sometimes knowing what we want is the other half of that battle.  There is another facet to alignment and limiting beliefs that we didn’t speak about yesterday and that’s the idea that in order to align we have to know who we are.  It goes back to our core and what we’ve experienced in our lives.  Often times we are working on outdated material and beliefs that were passed down to us, not from our own beliefs or values.  Once we establish a foundation around our truth, aligning is far easier.

There is truly power in declaring and owning what we want from the universe.  There is another power in actually following through and seeing it come to fruition.  All of that comes from knowing who we are and having the courage to stand firm in that.  We don’t all want the same thing and that is ok.  We all have unique ideas and talents and it is our job to bring them out, not meekly hide in what someone else tells us to do.  Don’t let someone else tell you what is possible because they are operating from their beliefs.  We are able to align and complement each other’s energy, but we don’t need to take on what someone else thinks we can or should do.  We decide that and a decision is an extremely powerful thing.  Sometimes that’s all it takes for the universe to understand what we want, a clear thought.  It matters because any fuzziness around what we try to bring into the world can’t be matched.  Fuzzy idea, fuzzy result.  Step up and declare who we are and what we want.  At this point the universe needs more people to bring the light and magic of who they are.  Decide who we are and let the rest unfold.  What are you declaring today? 

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