A Sense of Self

Photo by Celine on Pexels.com

We talk a lot about ourselves here.  Some may call it selfish or self-absorbed.  In reality the goal is foundational.  It’s about creating the best version of yourself so you can bring the best to the world, so you can ignite yourself and those around you.  So your cup can overflow to others.  In order to do that we need to know confidently and completely who we are.  We can’t let external influences determine that for us.  We need to connect to what we are called to and that means knowing without a doubt what our purpose is.  We can’t tie our identity to things, people, or what we do like a job.  We need to know what makes us who we are, what our values are. 

When we know what we value, the answers are clear.  We can lean on those values during change.  We create levels of awareness of our patterns and habits and who we are and who we are meant to be and that allows us to close the gap. Self is a tricky, fluid thing.  We aren’t stones and we do need to adapt over time.  I’m not talking about habits and routines—although they can become part of who we are—I’m talking about the driving factors, the voices that scream, “STOP!” when something feels off.  That is the indicator that we need to realign.

Who we are called to be presents itself when we listen.  It isn’t like it’s completely hidden or anything, far from it.  We are just trained to keep it quiet for so long that the voice gets pushed to the back of our mind or ignored every now and then.  In order to be who we are, we need to listen loud and clear and take action aligned with that deepest sense of who we are.  It’s then that we learn life revolves around the heart.  Accept that our purpose is to love and have compassion for each other.  When you are firm in who you are and when you allow that identity to expand into your life, your creations will expand (Ashmi Path).   A sense of self isn’t a selfish thing, it’s a necessary thing.

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