Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for being seen.  I’ve spoken about this before but it’s a resurgent feeling today.  I’m grateful to be surrounded by a group that makes me seen.  While I’ve learned a lot in the value of seeing myself and learning what I really like, it’s always nice to be validated every now and then.  I’m not seeking that, but it is nice.  Today I was able to spend the entire morning enjoying a new group of company, reading, having a lovely conversation.  When we truly see the essence of who we are, we understand each other and create an environment safe enough to be ourselves.

Today I am grateful for time.  Time is the most valuable asset we have and I had the most freeing revelation of the misuse of my time.  The best way to ensure you’re not missing out on anything is to use the time you have to do what you’d like.  More specifically, the things that draw you closer to the life you want to live and fulfilling your purpose.  The things that will drive you forward toward that goal.  I managed to get a day off tomorrow and I have every intention of spending it working toward my dreams and taking steps toward the life I see myself living. 

Today I am grateful for the truest expression of self.  Self has been something I’ve preached about finding for a long time.  I’ve been in search of it myself.  But when actually experience what it feels like to take action aligned with your truest self, your calling is a different place of being.  The level of understanding that this is what you need to do is next level, for lack of a better term.  Today happened to be one of those days. 

Today I am grateful for understanding boundaries.  I mentioned above that I spent a lot of time in my element today.  I didn’t mention that prior to spending time in good company I had run into an individual who was not invited to partake in the event.  She made a comment about not being invited and my initial reaction was terrible guilt.  I know what it’s like to be left out—in fact I’d been on the receiving end of being left out by this person previously.  Even though I knew she wouldn’t have necessarily enjoyed the day’s activities, I still felt bad.  After wrestling with it for a while, I started to realize that I am not responsible for how she feels.  I am not responsible for making sure she was invited to an event I wasn’t hosting, nor am I responsible for making her feel included in something she would have no interest in anyway.  That’s a boundary, a responsibility I do not own.

Today I am grateful for peace.  Life doesn’t need to be frenetic or chaotic to be worthy of rest, peace, quiet, or even finding our gift and settling with exactly where you are now.  There are days we are allowed to simply be, to assimilate, to integrating who we are.  Life can simply be about being.  Being who you are without restraint and simply being in a state of acceptance for all we are, light and dark, divine and human, and how that mix creates what and who we are. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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