A New Year’s Gratitude

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

I am so grateful for another year.  I am grateful to be alive, to be healthy, to be privileged enough to continue to work on my health and development, to be surrounded by people I love, to have things that make my life easier and more enjoyable.  Mostly I am grateful for the opportunities.  When we reach a certain level of understanding in our minds, life changes.  When we see how much time we waste on the extraneous noise and the chatter and anything else we distract ourselves with, that gives us a new opportunity to shift that focus.  That’s a privilege. I’m grateful to understand my power on a new level.  I’m grateful to see myself in a new light. 

I am grateful to remember who I am.  My father found some old pictures of my husband and I from about 16 years ago and I saw something.  The last few months have been the culmination of developing mental fortitude in the form of breaking down in ways I didn’t know I could break down.  When I thought I had already experienced my lowest, there was another level.  Seeing the pictures I did at a time when I’m building back up meant something.  I saw a beautiful girl, confident, knowledgeable, aware of who she is, ready to take on the world if needed.  I made a promise as soon as I saw that to let that girl out again.

I don’t want to become a new version of myself, I want to become the best version of me, who I remember I was and who I was on my way to be.  I want to own the process of becoming who I’ve always been, of releasing that authentic version of me to bring out the best in others.  Elevating isn’t just about ourselves, it’s about the impact we have on the world.  I am so grateful to make the decision to take some focus off of myself and refocus that energy on what I CAN do.  That’s a powerful platform.  Changing the view means different opportunities come into sight. 

I’m grateful to know who I want to be.  I’m grateful to understand the relationship I want with myself, with my husband, with my son, with my siblings, with my parents.  I’m grateful to have goals and more importantly, I’m grateful to have a different drive.  The season has changed and this isn’t about being a victim any longer.  This is about taking ownership and taking the wheel.  We don’t need to drive along aimlessly hoping we don’t hit a pot hole.  We can steer around it.  We can take an entirely new path.  The choices are endless and THAT is where freedom comes in. 

I am grateful to simply be.  I don’t know what the next year brings, but I know I am ready for the next step.  I’m ready to share in a new way and to experience new things.  I’m ready to release the fears that keep surfacing and I’m ready to take ownership of where I go next.  No one is going to tell me the answers to my life, it doesn’t work that way.  The universe whispers and we hear, we know through our intuition, that is how it happens.  Sometimes we have to get quiet to hear it.  On this New Year’s Day, I hear.  I am grateful.  I am ready.  Welcome 2023.

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