Freedom–Or, Leaving Work Early

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We are looking for freedom in new ways.  I’ve felt the call myself.  That it isn’t right to work for anyone else anymore.  That we want to be able to call our own shots—because that’s what we are bred to do.  We aren’t meant to heed someone’s beck and call or fulfill someone else’s dream before our own.  We created this hierarchy to establish power and dominance and we’ve accepted that it’s simply the way we do things for too long.  From corporate structure, to political structure, we follow some pattern: do what we are told to do in order to survive.  I’m not saying we don’t need some type of guidance, but we don’t need someone else to tell us what to do with our own lives.  Ok, I concede, this awfully dramatic for what comes next in this story—but it’s all true!

I got to leave work early the other day.  What’s more is that my boss came with me.  She’d had a rough day even though it just started, we were the only ones there, it was a Friday, so she said to pack up. So we did.  I went and spent time with my husband because he gets out of work early and we met at home around the same time. On the drive home, I found myself thinking, “This is exactly what I want to do.”  I want that type of freedom.  I want to go where my energy flows,  I know the saying is, “Energy flows where focus goes,” but sometimes it doesn’t work like that.  Sometimes we are in a situation where we have to put our energy toward something we may not enjoy doing.  I know that’s the case for many of us, and we accept it as normal.

Let me tell you what actually ended up happening because leaving early wasn’t just about getting out of work.  It cut nearly 15 minutes off of my commute.  I got to enjoy lunch with my husband without our son for the first time in two years.  We laughed about crap we wouldn’t normally talk about—we got to talk about things we wouldn’t normally talk about and it felt intimate again.  We were able to finish shopping for the holidays.  We were able to complete a conversation and make decisions without interruption.  I got to go and pick my kid up from school and he was thrilled.  We got to finish grocery shopping early.  All of this was because I had an extra 6.5 hours to my day.  What a gift.  Time is our most precious asset.  When they say it’s about how we spend our time, that is the truth.  But so many people leave out the exhaustion of day to day life and talk about powering through when you “really want something.”  There is a point to that mentality yes,  if you really want something you will find the time for it.  But the truth is life doesn’t always work that way.  It is exhausting and there are only so many physical hours in a day.  There comes a point where you need mental fortitude but not at the cost of physical health.

Life doesn’t work on a structure for everyone because life is chaos.  Creation and destruction all at once.  We can establish patterns and that’s when we feel the best but our patterns don’t always work for those around us.  Sometimes those patterns aren’t even what we want to be doing—it’s what we are told to do (wake up, eat, get dressed, commute, work, commute, zone out).  What happens, though, when we are able to take that time doing the things we love, creating an extra pocket to do the things we love, is we connect with ourselves and even the universe—even those around us.  That is where the real living is.  So, it wasn’t just about getting to leave early, it was about the life that was able to happen because of the focus of the time back.  We need more pockets of life and we need to listen and allow them to expand.  Our time here is finite and we don’t know when it ends—so every chance I get, I’m taking it.  I overspent on gifts but my son is only going to be this little for a while longer and there are people I want to know I’m thinking of them.  I didn’t get all the work done, but I got to make my husband feel heard again and we connected.  That is priceless. 

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