Your Creation

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“The ultimate manifestation is the creation of you,” Ashmi Path.  An excellent follow up to our talk yesterday, the question about who we are and why comes from another question- Who are you really and who do you want to be?  We have to get beyond what we look like and defining ourselves by what we do and start examining how we want to feel.  We are trained to create labels for ourselves from a really young age in order to make other people comfortable.  We are led to believe they need to understand us before we truly understand ourselves.  Society does a great job of having us ignore our feelings.  In some regards we’ve gone the other way with this and try to make everyone feel good no matter what (everyone gets a trophy culture) and this is just as detrimental.  It isn’t about creating a false sense of worth, it’s about learning who we are from the inside out so we no longer need validation.

We are allowed to ask who we want to be and we are allowed to change and evolve and become something else when that skin no longer fits.  Ashmi says it beautifully, “You are your own home.  In this life and beyond, your soul is your home.  How do you want to feel in your home?”.  She goes on to remind us that we all know what it feels like to be unwelcome, we know what it feels like to be at war with our mind, pushing beyond our limits and feeling like it’s still not enough.  How often do we find ourselves trying to prove that we belong or that we worth something more?  What happens when we feel joy and acceptance for who we are?    

We didn’t come here to fit in a box.  We are meant to explore all the potential of our soul and bring it to light.  We are meant to break every box the world tires to put us in.  We are meant to awaken and unleash the magic that is inherently in our souls. There are reasons we are attracted to certain things, certain professions, certain ways of helping or leading people, or simply ways of expressing ourselves that seem like magic.  The truth is, it’s all magic.  We are given clues in all of those ways, in all of the things we are attracted to because we are meant to fulfill a purpose.  We are given questions and things we are innately curious about—those are clues as well.  The longer we spend discovering the answers, the greater sense of self we have.  This isn’t about being selfish, this is about fulfilling your purpose.  Our purpose is always to be more fully who we are and to share that gift with the world.

So when we ask ourselves why we do anything, or the kind of life we want to have, we have to feel our way around the person we want to be.  We have to learn to become that person.  We also have to look at the broader picture.  We tend to paint things in either to narrow or too broad of strokes and both situations limit who we are; it doesn’t capture the full essence and all the colors in between.  We are ever evolving and we have to allow for that.  We aren’t supposed to create our own boxes either.  We are meant to live in our bodies and express our souls whatever that looks like.  Get in touch with who you want to be and that is enough to lead you where you need to go.  The answers are always within.

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