Task List

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

I woke up the other morning, and not unlike other mornings, the list of tasks rolled around in my head.  As we are smack in the middle of holiday season, that list seems to have expanded exponentially.  The ironic thing is that the list of things on today’s agenda are all things I LOVE doing—and I still found myself stressed.  I’m working on a timeline that isn’t realistic to most people let alone to me and I’ve partially done it to myself.  As I said, I thoroughly enjoy the holiday season and we host a lot.  It’s my favorite thing to do at this time of year but I set the bar pretty high.  We have projects for my son to do this weekend, I have baking, cleaning, finishing decorating, I’m running a business, I’m working full time on top of that.  Plus we have multiple family obligations on different timelines and my son’s birthday and my husband’s birthday are right before and immediately after the holidays.  It requires a lot of organization and more dividing and conquering that I am able to do.  But as I was going through this list of things, I remembered what I wrote yesterday—I don’t need to force my joy into two days.

My schedule is incredibly tight.  I am booked from 4AM to 6PM and that’s before I even include anything that needs to be done at home or with my business let alone decorating or prepping for the rest of the season/birthdays.  But there are simply things I love doing and, as I said yesterday, humans aren’t meant to force joy or experience joy on two days a week.  It isn’t realistic and it isn’t healthy.  So, in spite of being overbooked, I’m learning to go with it.  If I enjoy it, don’t treat it like a task.  I don’t want anger or resentment in my heart ever, let alone at this time of year, and I especially don’t want those feelings around something I genuinely love doing.  This is the fun stuff even if it’s hectic, and as I really thought about what I wrote yesterday, I realized I’m not going to give up what I love to satisfy someone else’s perception/priority at this time of year.  Their poor planning isn’t my emergency.  I have things I need to do, and more importantly, I have things I WANT to do.  My family is first.

So as I said above, don’t treat the things you love as a task.  It’s so important to keep your joy and your peace high, especially during the hectic seasons of life.  Don’t allow others to drain you with their nonsense.  And don’t let your own nonsense get in the way.  That list may be a mile long—but can you delegate it or do you really even need to do all of it?  And if you can’t seem to trim it down, how do you chunk it so it’s more manageable?  Part of keeping your energy high and following your joy is not allowing the focus to shift away from the feeling you get while doing the activity.  Be aware when it is getting too much, and be aware when your brain is playing it’s little game of creating overwhelm.  You choose what you do and HOW you do it.  You choose the energy you bring to the floor.  I’m choosing to be patient with myself and to take one task at a time.  There is love and joy and perhaps not as much time to experience that as we would hope, so I’m choosing to relish in what I have and to take on what needs to be done with joy.  It’s always worth it in the end. 

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