Journey of Love

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“The Self-LOVE journey begins when you realize you’re worth changing your life,” Mel Robbins.  And we are back to this, my friends.  How many of us actually love ourselves? How many of us know what love really is?  We throw the word around like a hot potato, or like an endless supply of tickets at a gaming place.  Have we ever really stopped and considered what love means?  The literal definition is an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something—straight from Merriam- Webster.  What does that MEAN?  And how do we apply it to ourselves?  Do we need it?  The short version is, as social animals, yes we need love.  We need to feel accepted and validated and cared for in order to thrive.  That doesn’t need to solely come from someone and not that others are responsible for providing it, but we do need to know on some level we are part of something outside of ourselves.  That we have worth. 

Mel Robbins talks about the relationship to self as foundational in creating a good life and for moving forward.  I couldn’t agree more.  When our foundation crumbles, when we don’t see our worth, when we need validation from others to move forward, life stagnates, we lose sight of what we are doing and why, and we seek the answers on the outside.  When we throw in the concept of self-love, that changes things.  Suddenly the answers are on the inside and we need to trust what we are feeling.  I’m not necessarily talking about an emotional reaction, I’m talking about when something feels right.  There are times when it feels like all is falling apart.  That is usually a good indicator that we need to reflect on how we feel about ourselves.  You have to ask why you continue to allow things to happen if you’re getting the same painful result. 

When you no longer want to move forward as you have been, or you feel the inkling that it’s time to make a change, that’s usually the indicator you need to follow your gut and something needs to change.  That isn’t to claim it’s easy.  That isn’t to say it feels good.  It certainly isn’t to suggest switching directions and listening to something new is comfortable.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do.  Sometimes the right thing is one of the most painful things we must do.  It’s still worth it in the end.  Learning to love ourselves is awkward and scary and uncomfortable because we know everything about ourselves.  We know the mistakes and all the perceived flaws we were told to hate.  We have to go against everything we were trained to despise.  And on the other side, you find the foundation to stand on.  It’s shaky at first, but with more practice, you stabilize and center.  You are worth love.  You are worth loving yourself.  It’s better than what you’ve been doing, so give it a chance and watch how your world changes. 

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