Examples of Faith

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Following up on ego, I had a conversation with an employee about spirituality and connection the other day.  The universe will constantly bring us to the place we need to be in the most unexpected was.  So, we’ve spoken about what it costs to be who we are, we’ve spoken about letting go of ego, and we’ve spoken about the power of thought.  Another component to this is faith.  See, I was jaded on religion early in my life and I still don’t subscribe to a religion.  But I have a very strong faith.  I don’t trust the words of men over my own knowing because their words are about what they think I need to do instead of what I know I need to do.  It’s about their relationship with something higher over my own.  I don’t need them to be a conduit for any message because I am a conduit, we all are.  Now that that’s out of the way, I want to share my story of faith.

I was privileged to have the grandfather I did.  I know I’ve shared stories of him here, but a quick recap is this man was always incredibly generous yet held firm boundaries, he was beyond his time as far as views on people and allowing others to be, he was one of the most supportive people you’d ever meet but you didn’t want to cross him.  On top of all that, he was an extremely devout man but his faith and belief looked different than the religion I was exposed to.  See, he too operated from his knowing.  Yes, he went to church and he read and studied the bible, but he also had the ability to SEE people and he didn’t care about their beliefs.  He understood his relationship with the creator he believed in was his own and he never cared what others believed.  That was their business.  He never preached or pushed, he allowed everyone to simply be and he did what he could.  My grandmother was raised differently and if you didn’t live by the book, you were a sinner and outcast and she’d pray for you.  But that was always the critical eye of her religion and belief: they sought where you were wrong in their eyes.  My grandfather knew how to hold love for al, he didn’t care if you were right or wrong.

Personally I’ve had a complicated relationship with faith.  It’s something I want to have and experience, but I would be lying if I said I haven’t gone back and forth.  I allowed moments to devastate me and tear me apart and I think I was exposed to loss way too early in my life.  I couldn’t understand that there was room and purpose in life for both the good and the bad and I allowed the pain to overwhelm me.  The story I’m about to share makes it hard to waver on my faith, and even admit I’m ashamed that I allowed myself to waver as I did.  My employee allowed me to share the following story (it’s been years since I thought of this) and it reminded me that I have no reason to not have faith.    

I lost my grandfather when I was 11 years old and it completely tore me apart.  Aside from my parents, my grandfather was the adult I looked up to the most and I never anticipated losing him.  He wasn’t afraid of anything (and I know now that was because of his faith) so I never doubted he wouldn’t always be there for me. Then he wasn’t.  We lost him very suddenly and everything turned upside down—but here is the faith.  Two days after his funeral I had a dream where I saw him in his casket and he sat up, patted his arms and said “Let’s get this stuff off of me.”  I remember waking up and literally saying to myself, “This is a child’s dream, I want him back.”  Another couple of nights later, I dreamt I was back in his house staring at his empty chair.  I turned around, and he was there.  He looked different than in the previous dream.  He looked happy.  He said, “I’m alright now.” and I woke up.  I knew immediately that was a message from him.  Several years later, my mother shared she had the same dream around the same time I did.  My friends, there is something more.

I don’t think about this story enough as I go through my days, I allow myself to get too busy.  But this is the cornerstone of knowing we are here for a reason.  We have the ability to connect and there is so much more than we can see or understand.  It’s all real.  We have to train ourselves to see it and to remember it when we are in the thick of all the crap we tell ourselves we have to do.  There are real connections to be made both here and with energies outside and beyond.  But you can’t have something that profound happen and allow it to fade away.  I just admitted I’m guilty of it too—but I don’t want to be.  So take the time to surrender what you think has to be or what you think you know and think of a time when there was an irrefutable sign that something more w as happening. There is always something more.  For me, I want to solidify my faith—faith that I am doing the right thing in listening to the signs and sharing this message and boosting people to where they need to be.  We have a purpose.  We have a reason for being.  So I will have faith enough to be me—Just like my grandfather.

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