Arbitrary Numbers

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Dates and numbers are meaningless in the eternity of life.  It doesn’t matter where we are or when we are, we are simply meant to be who we are.  There are people who seem to live 100 lifetimes in one, their impact spanning so many people and so many fields that it seems super human.  There comes a time to step up and into the power that we have so graciously been gifted in our lifetime.  It is such a fine line at times between ego and duty.  There are things we would like to do and we know we are able to do them and then there are things we are meant to do.  In the happiest of circumstances, those worlds collide and what we love becomes what we have to do.  Sometimes doing what we love is the inspiration for others and that is what we must do.

Getting back to numbers, however, there is a different point.  I’ve been obsessed with time and running out of it and trying to crowd too much onto my plate in an effort to make up for lost time or lost feelings or things from the past that I never let go of.  All that has served is to waste additional time.  The best way to reconcile this is to understand time is both illusory and a construct of man—maybe it’s illusory because it is a construct of man.  While numbers may be the language of nature, we have bent it into a different meaning—we need to attain a certain age in order to partake in certain things.  We need to work a certain amount of hours.  We need to have a certain size house a certain size bank account and the scale needs to read a certain number.  My friends, those are not the numbers that matter.

The numbers that matter are the numbers of nature.  How far has our impact spread?  How many people have we helped?  How much time have we spent in joy?  What percentage of our lives have we focused on what actually matters—time with our families, our purpose?  The amount of time we are here is irrelevant—it’s the quality of that time.  There are some people we feel with us no matter where they are.  They are a constant reminder that there is something more.  It doesn’t matter how much we acquire, it matters how well we love and how well we lean on faith and our purpose to get us through.  Embrace the gift and beauty of living.  Do not squander the time we have here—make the most of that point between the beginning and the end.  Live as much as you can. 

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