Before You’re Ready

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One thing I’ve learned on this journey of self transformation is that the world views you differently than you view yourself.  See, they don’t understand the level of crap you tell yourself in your own mind.  They don’t understand how it feels to be you.  They don’t experience what you feel or the thoughts you tell yourself.  All they see is you.  For some, maybe you already know that and what you project is intentional. You already have the awareness that you want the world to see you in a different way so you take the time to curate an image you want the world to see.  For others, we are just trying to get through the day and we feel like we’re losing our minds in the process, like it’s all falling apart or that we will never have it together.  Even in those moments, my friends, the world is watching.

What I’ve learned is that no matter how we feel, sometimes others see things in us we never see in ourselves.  There is magic in consistency and development and sometimes we have to trust that the world sees things in us before we see it in ourselves.  I’ve fought it all along the way while trying to push it for other people.  For example, I’ve been a huge cheerleader for others while talking about starting my own things but finding a way to maintain the things I don’t want.  I’ve been fighting for what I know thinking it made me safe all while wanting something entirely different. How can we honor what is inside of us, how can I share a message of magic when I’m maintaining status quo?  Why am I fighting to keep the things I don’t want to do a priority?  I’m not interested in anyone’s approval.  I know they won’t understand what I’m doing because they are not the same people.  I have to honor (we have to honor) who I am (who we are).    

There are a few moments in life when we are reminded to seize the opportunity.  If we are lucky enough to recognize that, and we take the leap, we are rewarded with an unbelievable experience that opens our eyes.  The choice to see things differently is an amazing experience in itself.  Honoring and following the thought that there is something more in the world, more opportunities for us, shifts our perspective on what the world can be.  If you keep your pool shallow, you will never see the ocean around you.  Believe me, it’s nice to wade into something and get a taste, but it is not the same experience as diving in.  Sometimes someone else’s belief in us becomes the ocean we need.

I am fortunate enough to have a mentor who sees something in me.  I’ve been fighting her the whole way in diving in and becoming the person I want to be.  I’ve been making excuses and trying to maintain what I know rather than trusting her judgement and becoming what she sees I really am—and what I know I really am as well.  The exact experience I was trying to convey, she picked up on and she believes it.  So why would I stop it from happening?  Why would I stop it from unfolding in my life exactly as I envisioned it?  Why would I stop something even more magical from happening by continuing to make excuses to separate myself from the ocean?  It’s a privilege to honor and accept and express who we are, and if someone is asking you to do that before you are ready, trust me, you can trust their judgement.  They see something in you you’ve wanted to be all along anyway.  So say thank you and follow their lead.  Become what you’ve always been.  If you feel it, if they see it, lean on that and take the leap.  It’s all for a reason.  

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