Magic Moments

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I recently took part in a work conference and witnessed some of the most impressive speaking I’ve seen in my entire life.  One of the speeches was from one of our senior leaders and he shared some of the most profound nuggets I’ve heard in a long time.  The one that stuck with me the most was, “You’re all fully grown adults and accept that we have to ask permission to spend time with our families [when it comes to needing time off from work].  You need to ask permission to spend time with your family.  Do you not see how ridiculous that is?” I’ve written about the corporate work world and exactly how ridiculous I find their rules and practices, but hearing it put in the perspective of asking for permission to spend time with the family stopped me in my tracks.

I had the power to create a child and survived the pregnancy and bringing him into this world.  I support my household and take care of my husband, my child, and myself.  I hep my parents any time I am able to.  I own a home.  All of these things qualify me as an adult but when I go to work, I need to request time to use my time and I have to earn time to use for myself.  How completely fucked is that?  This is the sickness of this society.  We think it’s normal to sacrifice our time in exchange for a made up resource to qualify the worth of goods we are told we need but can’t afford what we actually need.  On top of that, I’m legally allowed to partake in all activities that qualify me as an adult.  Yet I am required to ask permission to live my life?  Something doesn’t add up for me, there.

When it comes to making the decision to create freedom in your life, there are a lot of risks and it’s terrifying to realize that you need to fully support yourself with any actions you take.  The more I listen to people who think differently and who have successfully created the lives they want, I ask myself different questions.  Like the one posed above: do we not see how ridiculous it is to ask permission to live our lives?  That is the question followed by one more: What are you going to do about it?  This is where the magic moment comes in.  When you finally assimilate that understanding into feeling to elicit action.  We can sit and talk about feelings all day.  We can know something but if we don’t transmute it to action, it sits useless. 

Those magic moments bring us full circle.  They bring us to the point of needed action.  They are the impetus that move us and bring about the results we previously only dreamt about.  Magic Moments bring us to the point where we finally see that it’s ok to want what we want and that it’s possible to achieve it.  When we have that inkling, that taste of possibility, we develop a taste for it.  A hunger.  And being hungry is a great motivator.  That is what pushes you to take a step outside your comfort zone.  That is where you find not only what really matters to you, but what you’re made of, what you’re willing to do to get it.  Do you want to live your life asking for permission, or do you want to take the chance and start writing your story?  I know it’s scary to not see how it ends or even the twists and turns that may be coming.  But I’d rather be the one holding the pen than the one begging for permission.  We can all hold the pen.  We are born with it.  Don’t give it away and think someone is doing you a favor by ticking your boxes.  Take it back and create what you know you are meant to have.   

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