Quality of Impact

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A timely (short) reminder:  I listened to a meditation the other day talking about the impact we make on this world.  Immediately after, I saw a brief clip on Steve Prefontaine and it got me curious so I started looking up information about his life.  I remember the movie about him with Jared Leto but I never watched it so I honestly didn’t realize he had passed away so young.  The timing on the messages about impact of life followed by someone who changed the story of running in such a short time struck me: it isn’t the length of someone’s life, it’s the impact that matters. 

I’ve often talked about my obsession with time and fearing I’m constantly behind or that I’m running out of time.  The more time we spend in fear, the less time we spend doing something impactful.  We never know when our time is up.  We never know what our impact will be.  So the point isn’t to live with the thought of legacy, the point is to live life like you mean it.  Live life like it matters that you are here today, that you are here now and do the best you can do in that moment.  The rest all comes into play.  You never know the story you leave behind so focus on living the best version of it while you’re here.

For someone like Steve Prefontaine, it became running.  For others it was a message of kindness and equality and equity in the world.  For others still it was about faith and sharing.  And for more still to come it’s about elevating the paradigm and shifting into a different type of consciousness where we choose a new way over what no longer works.  We are so fortunate to be alive in this time in spite of the chaos and destruction.  We are witnessing the rebirth and the evolution of what is to come.  Creation is just as messy as destruction at times.  So don’t worry about the length of time you have to experience these things, worry about what you can do to make it better.       

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