The Process

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When we are in the process of becoming, it’s easy to allow fear to take over.  There are countless unknowns, it doesn’t feel familiar, it can be lonely or isolating, and there isn’t a familiar gauge of “success” or knowing something is working.  I listened to a meditation by Jay Shetty about not letting fear take control.  How often do we want to do something and we find ourselves stuck in the same position?  Jay even said, “Imagine you’re sitting on a couch watching TV and you take a picture of yourself.  Fast forward a few years and you are on the couch looking at pictures and you see yourself doing the exact same thing—you haven’t changed.”  That struck me. 

There are so many things that hold us back, fear among the top of them.  I’m guilty of repeating the pattern for years, not looking at whether or not it moved me forward or if I was repeating the same cycle.  I’d sit there wanting things to be different, daydreaming about something new, but nothing ever happened.  For many things, I watched time go by thinking I would do it later or that the right resources would come, but I never stopped the pattern of what I was already doing.  How can new experiences arise from doing the same thing? They can’t.

Jay then posed a question.  He said, “What decisions move us forward or keep us where we are?”  The truth is the process of becoming is more about listening and understanding who we are.  It’s about finding the path to our intuition and following that road.  Listening to our own internal guidance system.  This is when you let go of who you are supposed to be and simply be who you are.  In order to do that we have to focus on the process, not the outcome.  In the process you will become great.  So if you take the time to learn how to be yourself, the things you want and need are clear and so is the path to attaining them—because your path serves other people as well.

It can be so challenging to trust ourselves when everything around us from the time we are born tells us not to.  We are taught to trust everything but ourselves.  Finding that path back to our intuition can be muddy at first, but with practice, it becomes clearer.  We have to learn to take the road of the unknown and embrace the unfamiliar, learn to rely on ourselves, and not worry about the success of a thing.  We have trust it is all part of the process no matter the result.  It isn’t about the result, it is about the residual you leave in your path and the trail you leave.  So choose to do something different and unlock the path to something different.  You never know where a different decision will lead you.      

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