Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for knowing I am wrong.  Life is an evolution and to evolve means to grow.  Part of this is knowing when we are wrong.  Confession: as much as I work on/discuss/believe in growth, I am human and still struggle with it.  I still struggle with the discomfort and fear and falling into comfort patterns and familiar routines.  My family has been blessed with an opportunity that requires a lot of out of the norm behaviors and expectations.  During this transition, my husband has also made a decision regarding his career that impacts all of us.  He has no fear surrounding future planning or consequences from impulse decisions.  The truth is, we have survived everything so far—he isn’t wrong to take the leap.  In fact, that is more a demonstration of courage and willingness to change than me talking about it.  IF I want to be something/someone else, I need to do those things and jump. I have to demonstrate the same courage instead of playing it safe. 

Today I am grateful for change.  On the heels of the point above, I am grateful for these opportunities that have come our way.  We are meant to fulfill this purpose and take this journey.  We have goals and while this isn’t the route I thought we’d take to get there, this is certainly a way to something new.  This is a way to the change we’ve been looking for.  We can’t judge what we see because we never know what it will bring in the big picture.  Sometimes we just have to take that leap and know this is all part of the process.  Nothing HAS to look a certain way.  We just have to do it the way meant for us.

Today I am grateful for love.  Love is a tricky thing because we are human animals after all and that animal doesn’t always behave how we expect it to.  But love comes in many ways and I am grateful to give and to receive it.  My husband is having a difficult time with his side of the family because they aren’t behaving in a way he thought they would.  He is experiencing emotion around it.  I knew he felt these things but he never vocalized them before.  I am so grateful for the care we have with each other that he finally opened up to how he was feeling about it.  I am so grateful to offer support in an additional, less used, way for him.  I am grateful to offer what I have for him to feel secure and safe and loved and supported. 

Today I am grateful for fun.  Tension always goes up and down, it’s part of the natural flow of life.  There are moments when you can’t let those moments of tension that bring you down.  You have to focus on the good.  Today we spent some time together, just swimming in the pool and unwinding.  Enjoying each other’s company, goofing around, being together.  Those are the moments that remind us that we are headed in the right direction.  Life isn’t meant to be any one way or one path that we all follow, all misery or all joy—it’s meant to be what is meant to be for you.  We are meant to focus on the joy that happens when we do what makes us feel good.  So have fun.

Today I am grateful for things that make us happy.  The more we align and recognize the way we feel, the easier it is to recognize and follow the path meant for us.  We are so trained to believe that happiness is selfish or that happiness isn’t meant to last.  The truth is we need to find those moments that make us happy because they lead to a release of the weight we carry to be perceived a certain way in the world.  Life really doesn’t have to be that complicated.  We make it complicated by believing we need to be a certain way.  All we have to do is be who we are.  It’s really that simple and I am grateful for those reminders.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!      

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