As We Are

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“It’s time to say goodbye to your fears and build a life that reflects who you really are,” via spiritdaughter.  All this time I thought I lacked focus and drive, that I was losing my mind to my ADHD.  The truth is I just wasn’t living the life I wanted, MY life.  As soon as I started doing the things I wanted to with my time, I was no longer waiting for life to begin.  That’s the truth.  I would build myself up, do what I wanted in my “off time” and then repeat the pattern the next day.  Always waiting for the time I was “allowed” to do what I wanted.  If I needed longer hours at work, the things I wanted to do would come last. 

Putting time into who you are and making the things you love doing a priority is how we get closer to who we really are.  We HAVE to be a priority.  We’ve talked about it before, I know it feels counterintuitive that in order to be of any good to anyone else, we have to fill our cups first.  But it’s true.  We need to find what brings us joy so we can live a more authentic life and allow that to flow into other people.  This is about letting go of the old ideas we had about who we are supposed to be and entering an age of simply embracing who we are.  We’ve given the old way enough time and we see now that it is no longer working, that we can sustain a new way of being.  We are asking for it.  But that is the point: we are asking permission to live how we are really meant to.

We all know it.  We all know we are looking for something different but we aren’t quite sure how to do it because it hasn’t been done before.  We see new paradigms coming in every day: new ways of making money, new ways of helping people, new ways of showing that life can be different.  We DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO BE WHO WE ARE.  The more we simply be, the more we shift into new possibilities about what is important, the more we shift the standard of what we can do, what life can look like, what we prioritize, the more other people will do it as well.  NOW is the time to be that person.  The person we needed when we were little is the same person we need now.  Be who you are meant to be. 

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