Work is Done

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I read a brief piece by Jon Sweeney talking about a slightly injured bird he and his children were rescuing.  After they picked up the animal and began walking home, the bird suddenly flew up into the trees, seemingly healed.  He replied to his daughter, “You’re work is done.”  That really got me thinking.  Sometimes the work we do may not feel significant to us, but it can be life changing to others.  When we stop and take in the humanity of who we are, the gifts we are graced with shine through.  Whether it is the gift of listening, lending support, getting something someone needs, taking the time to check on someone when you are really busy, those are all gifts. 

We create this pressure on ourselves to achieve these massive goals and, in all honesty, for the longest time I thought that was the coolest thing.  Perhaps it’s naïve, but I truly don’t think there is anything we can’t do.  I’m not saying any of it is easy, but the human being is capable of some amazing things.  If we are able to come together with a common goal, I don’t think anything could stop us. The point is, I truly believe in the power of the human as guided by the universe and I believe no gift is too small.  We all have a purpose.  When we create certain goals as the pinnacle of human experience, suddenly anything else seems less than.  We can’t measure ourselves in the context of what is the greatest trend.  We need to measure in the context of what is needed in the moment and if we answered that need. 

Sometimes all it takes is holding someone in the moment to heal them, and that should NEVER be discounted.  I can’t count how many times I shied away from things I thought I could do because I knew someone could do it better.  That may have been true, but I never taught myself that they were better than me in that moment—I never gave myself the chance to try.  More importantly, I never taught myself that it wasn’t really about who was better than who at all: it was about how much joy the experience brought.  If we are able to release the pressure of “having to be the greatest or it isn’t worth it”, we open up a whole new world where we learn skills we can apply elsewhere.  The need to be the best narrows the view whereas learning to take it in opens a whole new world.

Our work may not be renowned by everyone in the world.  We may not become the most popular.  We may never be the most gifted.  But if we do the work, we still have the opportunity to touch lives and bring our experience to people.  We have to trust and allow all unfolds as it is meant to as long as we fulfill our purpose.  We have to see the gift in connecting with those who need our message the most.  It doesn’t matter if it is simply holding someone in the moment, allowing them to garner strength until they can fly again, THAT is significant to that person.  Be that person for someone else.  Be that person for yourself.  Unleash the subtle gifts you carry and allow them to turn into something life-changing for someone else.  THAT is our purpose.

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