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There has been another mass shooting in this country.  ANOTHER.  Words will do nothing to change the tragedy that unfolded yesterday and, quite frankly, I’m sick of having to preface any type of mass tragedy with the word “another”.  There should never have been a first, let alone time to allow for “another”.  I’ve shifted posts around in order to make this clear: it is time for action and that action isn’t going to be granted by any politician—this has to start with the families, with the people demanding better and identifying all sources of this issue.  We have to get to the cause and this which goes beyond politics and laws and who has access to weapons.  This is in conjunction with mental health issues, humanity, power, fear, and the politics that allow all of those pieces to simmer together until they boil over and we lose 15 people senselessly.    

Choosing to ignore any piece of this is going to perpetuate the issue.  We have sick people who are in desperate need of assistance, who often show warning signs of this behavior, who are treated as unworthy outcasts in this word.  They lack the capacity to make functional decisions for themselves but we expect them to pull up their bootstraps and fix themselves.  That isn’t how mental health works and I will scream that from any platform I can as I know first hand how overwhelming it is to deal with incessant thoughts in my head.  We are not designed to function in isolation and this society treats life like “every man for himself” until it comes time to collect taxes. PEOPLE ARE NOT MACHINES. We live in a system we created to protect those with means, and we have left behind those who cannot protect themselves.

I do not want to live in a world where I have to wonder if it is the last time I’m going to see my child when I drop him off at school.  I don’t want that for anyone.  No teacher should have to enter a building worrying about defending children against a gunman.  No one should have to worry about going to their religious organization and dying or going to the store and dying.  We cannot become desensitized to the fact that this is NOT normal.  IT IS NOT NORMAL.  We need to come together to stop these things from happening.  Regardless of how you feel about our “rights,”  I ask that you look at the entire picture.  We are dealing with a different type of pandemic entirely when it comes to mental health issues and we cannot allow a system that creates the opportunity for those issues to be taken out on innocent children.  Reach out to everyone you know because chances are, someone is not ok.  Chances are someone needs an ear, someone needs guidance.  Someone needs the light that you have and THAT is more important than any job that needs to be done.  Change is scary, it is uncomfortable, but I ask everyone deal with the discomfort and learn a new way instead of dealing with the pain of never seeing your child again because we couldn’t handle someone when they were at their lowest.

We need to remember we are not alone, not ever.  To the families who just lost their children, no words will make this better.  Losing a child to preventable violence is not a group anyone should have to be part of.  But I choose to hear you and I choose to understand that pain and say something needs to be done. No one is alone.

For help with Mental Health, please contact the National Institute of Health Numbers:

Mental Health and Mental Illness **301-443-4513
301-443-8431 (TTY)
866-615-NIMH (6464)*

To reach your local politicians:



For grief and support counseling:


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